Nursery Colors!

So there are only 70 days until my due date (thanks, Wolfram Alpha). If you consider my due date March 31, that is. I get a few extra days if we go with the initial due date of April 4. But I guess a kid can come like 3-4 weeks early and it’s nbd. You’re pretty much ready to go around 37 weeks. This is terrifying to me. January is practically over. Then we have February – JUST THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR – and after that we’re officially in The Month. Basically I could go into labor at any point in March, right? Is that what we’re saying? AT ANY POINT IN MARCH? I have a baby shower planned for March 6. I think that’s still in the “safe” window, at least. I had thought about doing it on the 13th. But I could have a baby on the 13th, couldn’t I? COULDN’T I?!

Anyway, all that to say I think it’s time we start on the nursery. 8P Mr. T started ripping the carpet up in the bonus room. Which, unfortunately (but not surprisingly) revealed some sub floor damage. What exactly that means…I dunno. But there you go. We need to fix that, I guess. How? Ugh. Call the landlord!! We also need to finish ripping up that carpet. And organizing all the junk in that room. Then – and THEN – we can move Anthony in there. *cue the music* Then it’s nursery time… *cut the music*

I made Mr. T meet me at Home Depot last night so we could pick up paint swatches. I briefly explained to you what I want to do paint-wise. Mr. T thought it was a solid plan. But maybe he just wanted to get dinner so he’d agree to anything. Either way we have a plan. I was super excited, so I snapped a picture of the swatches as soon as I got home. But it was nighttime, our living room doesn’t have the best lighting, and I was using my phone. So the colors came out kind of janky. WHOOPS.

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson BuzzAgain, the colors will be mainly gray & yellow, with some brown spots in the yellow. Giraffes, and all that. ;) The gray wall will have some type of mural on it. If you want to get a better feel for the colors, they are:

Screenshots from the websites:

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

I think it’ll look nice, don’t you?

And now that we have the colors picked out, I can take my swatches to Hobby Lobby and start picking out fabric!! I have so many things I want to sew…after I learn how to sew…

I did see some fabric while I was walking around the ol’ HL last week. I even snapped a few pictures!

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

The green doesn’t match our color scheme, but I think it’s super adorable. Maybe I could use it to sew something else I have pinned for future babies. I have two boards for that – clothes, and not clothes. ;) I don’t really know what fabric works best for what application, or any other aspect of sewing. So I need a lot of help.

2 thoughts on “Nursery Colors!

  1. Spoonflower has some cute giraffe fabrics you can order, or you can design your own fabric and they will make it for you. Here is a design you may like:
    Sorry, I never learned to sew very well, so can’t advise you regarding fabrics or techniques. Maybe I’ll learn something from you.

    I very seldom comment on blog posts I read, but I do enjoy your posts and look forward to reading them. I am happy for you about LBW!


    • I forgot about Spoonflower! People have shared some fabrics from there with me before. That might be TOO many options, lol!

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I’m horrible about commenting, too.

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