Nothing of Importance

What do you do when you get home from work? I let the dogs out, then change clothes, and then feed the dogs and cats. 99% of the time I’ve been putting PJs on. So one day I tell Mr. T “I’m gonna go put PJs on.” and he’s all “Gah! You and your PJs!!” Like it’s some sort of bad thing?! I do kind of feel like a slob, though. Being in my PJs before 6:00pm. At least wait until winter when it’s actually dark at 6:00pm! But let’s be honest – if I’m not leaving the house again until I leave for work the next day, what is the point in having two more wardrobe changes? Put on jeans just to put on PJs? Harumph!

Comfy Shoes | The Wilson Buzz

 Well I’m at least going to wear comfy shoes. 8P

There is another Pintester Movement coming up you can see my first two rounds here and here. This time it’s going to be Christmas ornaments! I’m really excited. 8} I won’t post what I’m planning on doing now, but if you check out my DIY board you can probably spot it. Unfortunately I just clicked on the actual link for the pin and it’s a store, not a tutorial. >.< So that should end well. I’ll report back in on this in a few days. ;)

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