Note Card Calendar

I just discovered Pinterest documents time passing in a bizarre way. “38 weeks ago” is redonk, Pinterest. By that point it’s time to say “9 months ago”, alright?

Anyway, here is a pin I saved THIRTY-EIGHT WEEKS AGO:

Note Card Calendar | The Wilson Buzz

It’s a note card calendar, so every day you write a single sentence about what you did that day. And then the next year you write below it, and so on. She made hers a bit more cutesy – buying vintage post cards, cutting the index cards in half, and using a date stamper. But whatever. I can barely fit stuff on a full note card (and I got the big ones!). So mine isn’t nearly as cute. WHATEVER.

Note Card Calendar | The Wilson Buzz

I started on my birthday, because I didn’t want to wait until January. 8} I just bought a note card container at Walmart that holds the large note cards. 4×6 maybe? Or 5×10? Let me get a ruler… 4×6 – let this be a lesson in not doubting yourself.

So anyway, I’ve managed to put something down for every day since July 21. I have missed several days in a row and had to just guess when I finally filled it in. At one point I went about 3 weeks – that was rough. I’ll also fudge it a bit. If two cool things happened on one day and nothing cool on the other, I’ll be a day off. In 5 years it won’t matter if I got the exact date. Things got more consistent when I brought it to work with me, so now it’s one of the first things I do in the morning. I used to take it home on the weekend so I wouldn’t miss a day, but then I went 3 weeks without writing, so…I leave it here now. And it’s fun to think about how awesome your weekend was while sitting in a cubicle first thing Monday morning, knowing you have five long days before another weekend. ;)

I do plan on doing more with it. Maybe have a significant photo from every month printed off, to split it up the way she did. I also want to write on the backs of them significant dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. But I haven’t done either of those yet.

I used to journal. Not every day, but consistently. My sister got me a journal when I was 13 and I started a new one every birthday up until I got married (so nearly 10 years!) and life got busy, I guess? I haven’t been able to keep one since. Which is a bummer, because my life was kind of boring pre-Mr. T… I’m just saying. I’ve also moved around a lot and am super disorganized. I just found one of my attempts in our attic, in a random box. I blame Mr. T on that one, though! Maybe I’ll try again in January. I really do miss it. I think I blog too much. After writing about my life here I feel like I’m repeating myself if I write about it again in a journal. Plus, writing things out by hand takes so much longer than typing. I seriously think “WHY ARE YOU MOVING SO SLOW, HAND – BRAIN IS LIKE FIVE SENTENCES AHEAD OF YOU!

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