My Least-Favorite Part

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Actually, this post won’t be covering my least-favorite part…my true least-favorite part is the actual painting. This part is pretty fun! Deciding the paint color!! I went to Lowe’s alone and got approx a billion paint chips (slight exaggeration), then pinned them all up in the future nook to see how they’d look. The lighting kind of sucks right now, and so does my camera (aka: phone), so I’m going to take the time to hunt down better photo examples of each one of these. JUST FOR YOU. But first, my crappy pictures:

blues reds greens
My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz

Impossible to see anything, right? I’m REALLY hoping it’s a combination of my cell phone camera (it’s been a week or two since I actually looked at these chips irl – been busy) and the bad lighting making them look so dark. In the harsh lights of Lowe’s I thought some of the lighter shades would actually be TOO light for what I was going for – now I’m afraid they’ll all make it look like an abysmal cave… But we’ll see. Once we narrow it down to maybe 2-3 colors I’ll buy some samples. And I’ll take the cover off the overhead light.

Anyway – below are all the samples pulled from various websites that I definitely did not waste an extremely long time getting set up. APPRECIATE THIS, PEOPLE.


Hampton SurfPitch Cobalt

Dark NightAzalea LeafBlue Bayberry


Hotel St. Francis Sangre de ChristoAncient Burgundy


Thyme GreenCastle StoneJasper

Thalo NightDeep River Green

I think I like all the Valspar colors the best. They’re more of a moody gray like what I was envisioning. Kind of look like the feeling of a storm rolling in – or am I crazy? You get what I’m saying? I’m totally loco, aren’t I?

All along I’ve just been wanting to paint the walls a solid color – badabing, badaboom – done. But when I had Mr. T look at all the samples, he wanted to use a red, green, and blue, then throw in a white stripe somewhere… I dunno. I’m more of a KISS kind of person, and he likes to try to make things fancy. But our track record for finishing projects is – and I’m gonna use this word twice in one post, which is unprecedented – abysmal. Having to measure, and tape, and switch out paints…I’m getting tired just thinking about it. Plus most of the walls will be covered with shelves/books so you won’t really see the paint, anyway. I’m going to check back in with Mr. T once more again before I publish this post…it’s been too long since we discussed it for me to feel confident hitting “publish” and leave you with all these unanswered questions!!

Much time has passed since I wrote the first part of this post. I talked Mr. T down from his elaborate four-color plan, so we’re going to paint the walls one solid color. We’ve narrowed it down to one of each to get a sample of:

Thalo NightHotel St. Francis Sangre de ChristoHampton Surf

I’ll report back when we have paint on the walls. Until then…do you have a favorite?

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