My Hair

Let me take you on a journey. A hair journey…

I grew my hair out for my wedding. It was the longest it had been since…probably early high school? Here are some SUPER happy pictures of me the day I went to get it cut. I was weird about smiling in selfies for awhile there, okay? Don’t judge.

My Hair | The Wilson Buzz My Hair | The Wilson Buzz

And just for fun, a picture of my wedding hair:

My Hair | The Wilson BuzzAnyway, three days later I cut it all off. It’s called the post-wedding chop and it’s a real thing – deal with it.

My Hair | The Wilson BuzzAfter that was a whirlwind year of pixie-cuts and crazy colors. I was green, then pink, then purple, jet black for a couple months to get a summer job, and then back to fun stuff with orange, and finally blue. Some highlights:

My Hair | The Wilson Buzz My Hair | The Wilson Buzz My Hair | The Wilson Buzz

Oh, and the blue haircut was the same one that started the mohawk! So…August 26, 2011 (ish)! Nearly 3.5 years… 3.5 years of the same haircut!! Granted it has been growing the entire time, but still…I’m stifled!

My Hair | The Wilson Buzz My Hair | The Wilson Buzz

Oh, fun fact – when I finally did dye my hair back to my natural color I couldn’t remember what my natural color was! We ended up going too blonde. >.< Oops!!

My Hair | The Wilson Buzz

Now you’re all caught up on my hair journey! Riveting, wasn’t it?? The point of the story is…I’m bored. I’m sooooo bored. I can’t dye my hair super crazy these days ’cause work. *womp womp* But! Maybe there are fun natural-ish colors I could do?! I need to talk to my stylest about this post-haste. I think I have an appointment next weekend.

What about a silvery something?

I did have orange for awhile…

My Hair | The Wilson Buzzbut it was a bit too orange for work, I think (there is some Photoshop work going into that picture, for the record). Maybe I could do more of a true redhead copper?

Do you have any thoughts? I’m just…bored. I’ve also thought about cutting it short again. I really need to learn how to style it. I bought some hairspray to attempt a big messy mohawk sort of thing…but haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. lol!

Help me…

2 thoughts on “My Hair

    • Yeah…maintenance could be a concern. The year I went crazy with my hair I was going in every couple months to get it cut/bleached/dyed. Because I went to a school, it was cheap (but the quality was…inconsistent). Now I’m going to a legit salon, so I know she’ll do good work – but I’m going to pay out the butt for it. I have an appointment next Saturday, so I’m going to discuss options with my stylist and schedule a dye for my next appointment.

      No, I’m not brave enough to try to do it by myself from a kit. lol!

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