My Brain…

So a few days ago on my way in to work I had this sudden desire to listen to Dropkick Murphys. Well I had forgotten about it every day since. I finally remembered this morning, but I had forgotten the name of the band. I was like “Oh, right, I was going to listen to – !” I didn’t panic (yet) because this happens a lot. I just went ahead, opened Spotify and expected it to appear in my brain (usually does). Nothing. Hmm… I try Googling “irish bands” Oh, there’s more than one? Fine then! Well how do I know anything about this band? Their song was in a movie I really liked, right?! (Boondock Saints) Now what was the name of that stupid movie…. I can see the poster in my head, but cannot think of the name of the stupid thing! “THERE WAS. A FIREFIGHT!” But that dude was in it! (Norman Reedus) WHY CAN’T I THINK OF HIS NAME?! I just shared a video of him on Facebook! The one where he gets scared by that guy that’s been scaring people on Vine. I was actually kind of disappointed that no one liked that video…it was cute. Gah, but WHAT IS HIS NAME? Oh, he’s on that show…what is it – The Walking Dead! YESSSSSSS! I finally remembered the name of something! Google “hot guy on Walking Dead” : Norman Reedus. FINALLY. Oh, he has a son? Oh how cute… Wait, what was I doing? Right! IMDB! Norman Reedus! Boondock Saints! Google “irish music boondock saints” : about 5 results down I see “The song is Boondock Saints Theme by Dropkick Murphy’s”


2 thoughts on “My Brain…

    • That should go on my tombstone.

      I just dropped my granola bar out of my mouth (trying to hold it in place while typing) and then caught it like a ninja. GO ME.

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