My Birthday!!

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I turn TWENTY-NINE tomorrow. That’s older than I’ve ever been before! I have to work a full day, because I’m an adult and life is lame, but Mr. T has taken the entire day off AND we have overnight sitters for LBW! Bama Llama – his godmothers. :) Theoretical schedule of events:

Friday, July 21

7:30 – Drop LBW off at daycare.
8:00 – Arrive at work.
12:00 – Lunch at B. McNeel’s
4:30 – FREEDOM!!
5:00 – Pick LBW from daycare.
5:30 – Drop LBW off at Bama Llama’s house.
6:00 – Have ice cream with Mr. T.
6:15 – Get pedicure with my sister (right next to ice cream shop).
7:00 – Go to Old Time Pottery with Mr. T – buy plates. #adulting
7:30 – Dinner at Slim Chickens (I have a coupon!)
8:55 – Watch The Big Sick with Mr. T.
11:00 – Clean the house like a madwoman…eventually collapse, exhausted into bed.

Saturday, July 22

9:00 – Meet Bama Llama at the Farmers Market to pick LBW back up and buy supplies.
10:00 – Please for the love of Moses make it home in time for LBW to get a good nap in.
1:00 – Head back out to the grocery store to finish getting supplies.
2:00 – Spend all afternoon straight chillin’ with LBW, avoiding contact with the outside air as much as possible.
8:00 – LBW is in bed – CLEAN LIKE A MADWOMAN.

Sunday, July 23

8:00 – Get to sleep in until 8:00 while Mr. T hangs with LBW.
9:20 – Head to church – separate cars.
11:00 – Mr. T heads home, while I stay at church to work in the nursery.
12:00 – Return home, prepare like crazy.
3:00 – Wine consultant and LBW’s babysitter (two separate people) arrive.
3:30 – Guests start arriving.
4:00 – Wine tasting, bitches! (Why I’m cleaning and supply-purchasing all weekend.)
6:00 – Potluck dinner with friends for my birthday. <3
8:00 – LBW goes to bed.
8:05 – Collapse in bed, utterly exhausted.

Monday, July 24

omg, what – WORK?! Uggggggh.

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  1. Happy Birthday! A bit belated, but heartfelt. Twenty-nine is a great age, as I recall. Old enough to be responsible for young children and still young enough to celebrate your birthday with fun and games (though not necessarily children’s games, haha).

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