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Happy 4th, everyone!

I think I’ve been pretty productive today. I seriously need three-day weekends if I’m going to get anything accomplished. I need one day to be lazy, one day to be productive, and one day to stress out about the upcoming week. ;)

I woke up kind of early today, to do yard work. Mr. T and I knocked out quite a bit, if I do say so myself. Of course, if we didn’t let our yard get so out of control to begin with it wouldn’t take so much effort to beat it back into submission. We’re working on it, okay?! Neither of us has any experience with landscaping, and our yard was kind of jacked up when we moved in. It looked nice enough, but it was all gravel. Who does that, in Tennessee? Oh, and once we’d cut down the GIANT stalks of poke sallet we discovered our grass is actually coming in quite nicely!! >.<

Listen, I know a lot of people judge us for how we live. We aren’t the tidiest people in the world. We have a lot of animals. Our back yard gets a little wild… But I like my life. I love my husband. We get along great – we occasionally bicker, but hardly ever fight. We have fun hanging out together. 90% of the time the dogs are awesome. Our house is never going to be selected for a magazine photo shoot, but I don’t care. It’s full of things we love. Basically, we rock. #dealwithit

On top of the yard work, I have some BBQ chicken in the crockpot, and I just baked zucchini bread!! FROM SCRATCH. I really hope the both taste good… But anywho, now I need to run to Kroger and get some hot dawgs, then head up to Two-Tone. We’re putting on a fundraiser for the sister of a friend of ours. Her house burned down about a month ago. So if you see this before 5:00pm today, stop by Two-Tone!!

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