I read 3 more books this weekend, but am scared to post about them, since I did such a major book post overload right at the end of last week. But if I put off posting about them, won’t there just be more books to post about?? What to do, what to do…?

How do you motivate yourself? I find it nigh impossible. Cleaning house, eating healthy, exercising, blogging, home renovations, and on and on and on… There’s all this stuff I want to do, but when it comes down to it, I end up watching Netflix instead of doing something useful. Speaking of, I finished Season 4 of Raising Hope this past week. I don’t know what’s going on with that show… I think it got cancelled. There may not be a Season 5. The last two seasons I’ve seen definitely don’t hold up to the first two. They’re still fine, but…I dunno. They tried too hard, or something.

Anyway, I’ve created a FB group for the chronically unmotivated – like me! I wanted a group of people I know, that are about as lazy as I am, that have a desire to improve (even if they lack the motivation). It can be anything – exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc. Those are the three that I know *I* need to work on, so that’s what I started with. ;) If you’re interested in joining, let me know! Ooohh…I should throw in home renovation, as well. That one might be just for me, though… Organization! Cleaning! There are so many things I need to improve on!! I’m a FAILURE. Huzzah!!

First things first I should categorize all my broad “life improvement” goals, then break down things I need to do for each category. And then maybe I can start marking things off the lists! Digital or physical, digital or physical, digital or physical… Tough call! I just looked over my most recent 30 Before 30 post, and am once again reminded of how big a failure I am. Wee!!

I have the hiccups.

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