Morning Person Lesson 2: Dismantle Roadblocks

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You’re going to think about what it takes to achieve your vision and systematically dismantle any roadblocks to success.

Step 1: Begin thinking about the small, simple action that anchors your ideal morning. What are some reasons you can’t achieve this? What roadblocks, thoughts or excuses start to pop up? Examine your thoughts as they come to mind, and see the actions that can change the negative thought into a positive one. Stuck? Here are two techniques you can use:

  • Think Small. In the excitement of starting something new, it’s easy to think about big and bold actions we can take. Instead, try making your action smaller. Want to wake up an hour earlier? Begin by setting your alarm 5 minutes, then 10 minutes earlier until it builds up. Once you’re successful with your small actions, building them up and maintaining momentum becomes much easier.
  • Start From Success. It’s not about striving for perfection, but a way of giving yourself a fresh perspective. Let’s say your intention is to have breakfast ready for the family each morning. If you were already successful, you might have prepped the ingredients the night before. Suddenly you have a new tactic to save time and follow-through on your goals.

Step 2: What’s ONE step that you can take today to overcome a roadblock in your path to becoming a morning person?

Step 3: From today on, I want you to start putting your morning actions into practice. You might not succeed at first, that’s fine. By observing where you went wrong and systematically eliminating any remaining roadblocks, you’ll soon find success.

This one is actually different from Lesson 2 the last go around. I remember doing this, though…must have just been a different lesson, or my memory is straight busted.

So my “statement of intention” is: I am becoming a Morning Person so I can get active early.

I think my one step that will make a WORLD of difference, and should be relatively easy to implement, is to take a shower at night, instead of doing it in the morning. Doing that frees up SO much time, since I don’t have to shower, dry my hair, etc. when I wake up. And if I don’t have to do all that, I don’t have to wake up as early to get other stuff done. Boom! Frankly, I have no idea why this is so hard for me to do. My days are so much better when I do this. And once I’ve mastered this habit, I’m going to move on to Phase 2: Planning my outfit the night before. ;)

Note: The Morning Person course is currently closed, but you can register here to be notified when another class starts.

4 thoughts on “Morning Person Lesson 2: Dismantle Roadblocks

  1. I don’t remember this lesson at all. At least not this way, possibly it was woven into other lessons…

    Can I brag a little? I will! I prep my outfit and my lunch the night before! But I still get up 3.5-4 hours before I have to be at work (about 15 minutes away) because I need built-in dawdling time.

    • I wouldn’t doubt that my memory is straight-busted… lol!

      Good for you! I’m so indecisive with my outfits that when I would try to prep the day before I’d just change my mind, so I gave up on even trying. What time do you go in to work?!?

      • Usually no earlier than 9, sometimes later. Occasionally I have second thoughts on outfits, but often I don’t even check the mirror so I don’t have the chance to second guess myself! It all works out.

      • Yeesh – you wake up earlier than I do to go to work later. lol! More power to you… We should probably toss all the mirrors. It would make life a lot easier.

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