Morning Person 2016 – Lesson 1

I’ve started this twice before, and never completed it. I made it to Lesson 8 the first go around, and Lesson 3 the second. >.< Want to take bets on how well I succeed this time?? No. No negative thoughts, Sarah! I WILL succeed this time!!

Lesson 1: Set yourself up for success

People fail in their goals for two reasons:

  • They’re not realistic. A common example is “I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week”, when you don’t go at all right now.
  • They’re not specific. This was my own mistake, with my example of “being healthy.” How do you define health? How will you know if you’re successful?

Choosing poor goals sets us up for failure, with the negative consequences that we stop believing in ourselves. There’s always a voice at the back of our mind saying, “Sure – but you’re not really going to follow through”.

Step 1:

Visualize your ideal morning, in as much detail as you can. Are you by yourself, or with others? What are you doing? Write it down if you can, it really helps. Now review your ideal morning. Choose one small action from the list that – if completed – would make you feel the most happiness. The key here is to choose something small and attainable. For me, it’s writing my daily to-do list. Making that each morning clears my head of nagging uncertainty, and I know that the rest of my day will flow more smoothly. Again, the key is to choose ONE action that you will gain happiness from. For the next four weeks, this is going to be your measure of success — the sign that you’re on the right path to creating a morning routine you love.

Step 2:

Now, use that action to complete the following sentence: “I am becoming a Morning Person so I can _____________”

This assignment is from “Becoming a Morning Person” by Little Green Dot

As I go through the baby steps for FlyLady, one of her big things is getting into a routine. So this works hand-in-hand with that! It’s crazy how all these things align. Or is it just proof that all of this is just common sense stuff that I should be able to figure out on my own?? Either way, it makes my life easier. Because I have a “morning routine” that I am trying to follow. Currently, my morning goals are to:

  • get out of bed by 6:00am
  • let the dogs out/in and feed them
  • shower
  • clean up any rogue dishes
  • clear off the coffee table – our living room “hot spot
  • take my vitamins
  • get dressed
  • defrost car if needed
  • make sure I have breakfast/lunch + any other work supplies
  • get out the door by 7:20am

Hmm…which one do I pick? I’m torn between clearing off the coffee table or making sure I’m out the door by 7:20. Okay, the most important is getting to work on time, so…

I am becoming a Morning Person so I can get out the door by 7:20am.

4 thoughts on “Morning Person 2016 – Lesson 1

    • I’ll add you to my Feedly! :)

      I’m trying to develop some better habits…I’ve started FlyLady, I have a daily planner/calendar from The Confident Mom, I’m doing Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, AND I’m working through the Morning Person challenge – again. It’s kind of overwhelming, but I’m not beating myself up for letting some things fall through the cracks. I’ll fall behind, then catch up, or just ignore it completely. My biggest thing is definitely working on keeping a positive outlook!

  1. great conclusion, the faster we decide on something, the sooner we can get round to achieving it. hope we finish the course this time (I myself started and restarted it 4 times already…), keeping my fingers crossed! xoxo

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