Morning Person Lesson 1: Set yourself up for success.

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People fail in their goals for two reasons:

  • They’re not realistic. A common example is “I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week”, when you don’t go at all right now.
  • They’re not specific. This was my own mistake, with my example of “being healthy.” How do you define health? How will you know if you’re successful?

Step 1:

Visualize your ideal morning, in as much detail as you can. Are you by yourself, or with others? What are you doing? Write it down if you can, it really helps. Now review your ideal morning. Choose one small action from the list that – if completed – would make you feel the most happiness. The key here is to choose something small and attainable.

Step 2:

Now, use that action to complete the following sentence: “I am becoming a Morning Person so I can _____________”

Once you have something you’re happy with, I want you to:

  • Tell a good friend. Having a support system in place over the next four weeks will help you stick to what you’ve identified as important.
  • Write your statement down and put it somewhere you can see it every day – beside your bed, on your bathroom mirror, the wallpaper of your phone. I want you to remember why you are doing this, so that you can check-in with yourself regularly.

So this lesson is exactly the same as it was the first go around…ah, well. It’s good to remind myself, I guess. I’m also only going to do one lesson a week, so I have time to really lock each one in. Unfortunately there isn’t much to this one. EASY WEEK, GO ME.

My perfect morning…

I’d have gotten a full night’s sleep, of course. The bedroom is spotless, fresh-smelling, and has that early morning brightness that isn’t overwhelming. Let the dogs out, feed the cats, do a low-impact exercise like Pilates, Yoga, or Tai Chi. If it’s the weekend, I’ll then wake Mr. T up and make him walk the dogs with me. After that I make a delicious, healthy smoothie (or some other breakfast) for myself and Mr. T, stash them in the fridge and finish getting ready. I have a carefully planned outfit that I will not suddenly and for no reason hate, so as soon as I take a shower (if I didn’t take it the night before, like I usually do) I can get dressed and leave. Don’t forget the smoothie!! I have a road-rage free drive, and a great audiobook to listen to. I get to work just a smidge early, take the stairs with a joy in my heart, and make a delicious cup of coffee. There are interesting things on Facebook and hilarious things on imgur. Oh, and the work I have to do that day doesn’t suck.

I’d say that’s nigh impossible. But a girl can dream!! My “one small thing” was to “do a low-impact exercise like Pilates, Yoga, or Tai Chi”. And my motivational sentence was/still is:

I am becoming a Morning Person so I can get active early.

And it’s been on my phone, mocking me, since January…

Morning Person Lesson 1: Set yourself up for success. | The Wilson BuzzI have no idea why my Saturday alarm is set to go off at 6:30. That seems entirely unreasonable.

Anyway. I know it’s kind of vague, like her “how do you know when you’re healthy?” bit, but I can’t really be more specific than that. Will I do Tai Chi? Yoga? Pilates? Walk the dogs? I don’t know!! I just want to do something every morning.

And for the record, even though she doesn’t explicitly say to start doing this right away, I am going to try. I did Tai Chi this morning (no, I haven’t done it again since February) and I plan on doing it the rest of the week. It’s such a low-impact activity I don’t have to worry about getting sweaty and gross, so I can still take a shower at night. Which I am horrible about doing, for the record. Horrible.

Note: The Morning Person course is currently closed, but you can register here to be notified when another class starts.

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  1. I may have said this somewhere before, but I read on a different article un-affiliated with morning person lessons, that your weekend wake up time shouldn’t be any more than an hour off of your weekday wake up time so that you don’t ruin your routine. So rock that 6:30!

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