Morning Person Check-In

So I have gotten better!! My morning routine these days:

  • 5:30 – alarm goes off (1st snooze)
  • 5:40 – alarm goes off (2nd snooze)
  • 5:50 – alarm goes off (3rd snooze – I realize this looks bad)
  • 6:00 – alarm goes off maybe I wake up, or maybe I wait until 6:10
  • Whenever I do decide to get up, I do my stretches.
  • Sometimes I pretend I don’t have any animals, and I’ll take a shower first.
  • I let all the dogs out…
  • …then I feed the cats…
  • …then I feed the dogs.
  • Sometimes I take a shower after all this…it just depends.
  • Make smoothies!
  • And finally get dressed.
  • Recently, I’ve had time left over!! So I’ll straighten the living room, or do dishes, or put clothes away. It’s so amazing! Hooray for the Morning Person class!!

Our newest assignment is to add Pilates into our morning routine. Which, yoga was always my goal, but Pilates is just as good. I really enjoyed my Pilates class when I was at MTSU. I’m definitely going to have to takes showers at night, though, if I have any hopes of being able to do a 30 minute workout routine in the mornings. I just don’t see myself getting out of bed at 5:30 every day. What is it – the mind is willing but the body is weak? Also, for that kind of wakeup hour I’ll definitely have to start going to bed much earlier, and with Mr. T’s schedule that will never happen. I love my husband, and enjoy seeing him occasionally. So I’m going to have to stay up later than I should. It can’t be helped!!

Between this and the January Cure (that I’m still working on, even though it technically ended in January) I’m really feeling like my life is getting organized somewhat. *high five*

2 thoughts on “Morning Person Check-In

  1. Oh organization! Screw creativity. I’m coming back next time as a bean counter type who has thick glasses and a circle on the table for the lamp.

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