Morning Person 2016 – Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Get Some Headspace

Meditation provides a framework in which we are able to step back from habitual thinking and emotions, so that we can witness them with clarity and perspective. When we learn to do this, the mind begins to calm down, as does the body. In turn we experience more quiet and a greater sense of ease in every area of life. It is a remarkable shift in perspective, which really needs to be experienced, rather than explained. It is with this shift that we are able to make healthier choices in our daily routine.

How do we balance what we want to do, with all the things we have to do? How do make time for the things that matter?

How to meditate in six easy steps:

  1. Get settled – Find a quiet place where you can relax.
  2. Breathe deeply – Take five deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. On the last exhalation, close your eyes.
  3. Check in – Settle in to your body, taking note of your posture and how your body feels, and any emotion you might be experiencing.
  4. Scan your body – Turn your mind inwards and take note of your body from head to toe, acknowledging any tension or discomfort and then scan again noticing parts of your body that start to relax.
  5. Observe your breath – Bring your attention to your breathing and start to count your breaths. One, in, two, out and so on, up to 10.
  6. Allow your mind to be free – After a few minutes, give yourself a minute for your mind to be completely free. If it wants to think, let it think. If it wants to be busy, let it be busy. Let the mind do whatever it wants to do. After a minute or so, open your eyes, and appreciate the feeling that getting a little headspace can produce.

This assignment is from “Becoming a Morning Person” by Little Green Dot

We had our first birthing class on Sunday, and one of the things we did was a relaxation method that was pretty similar to this. She recommended doing it regularly to help me get in tune with my body so I can more easily relax while I’m in labor. Or…relax as much as possible as my body absolutely falls apart and a human emerges from my nether regions. *shiver

So, yeah – I should probably do this! The trick will be not falling asleep after having my eyes closed for that long, and remembering all the steps. Oh, hey – I just noticed that the email includes a link to download a meditation app. Well there you go. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how well I do! Oh, and as far as a check-in for the previous lessons…

  • Lesson 8 – diet, I haven’t started on this one yet. Next week!
  • Lesson 7 – yoga, Oh. Oops. I did the leg cramp one, which was nice! And I made it most of the way through the “Preparing for Birth” one…and then my phone died. >.< I’ll get back on this tomorrow morning and try out the “Releasing the Spine” video, because my back is getting tired, son!
  • Lesson 6 – mindfulness, I did put the note on my mirror. It says grateful / impact / focus. I definitely don’t spend 3 minutes thinking about it, though. And I had forgotten what “focus” was for. >.<
  • Lesson 5 – snooze, So I do still hit snooze fairly regularly… But I’m about 50/50 on stretching!! I have to be really careful about it, though, or my legs will cramp. >.> Which is probably a good indicator that I need to be doing my yoga videos!!
  • Lesson 4 – sleep hygiene, I’m still using that app that I downloaded. I keep the bedroom so cool that Mr. T freezes at night. Seriously – I’m under a sheet and he’s got a sheet, blanket, and either a jacket or bath robe. lol! Oh, and we have a sound machine now. My sister got one for us (mainly LBW).
  • Lesson 3 – sleep journal, I didn’t even last two days on this one. sorrynotsorry
  • Lesson 2 – roadblocks, Well…my roadblock fix was to change my alarm so I could hit snooze more…then Lesson 5 told me to stop hitting snooze! That app goes off anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00 so I’m going to renew my goal of not hitting snooze and waking up whenever it thinks is best. And then stretching. And doing yoga.
  • Lesson 1 – goal, My goal was to get out the door by 7:20am, and I’ve done a pretty good job of that!! Go me. :)

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