Morning Person 2016 – Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Your New Snooze Button

You’re going to practice a new way of waking up. If you spend just 60 seconds on this routine, you won’t need to spend the next 20 minutes hitting snooze. This stretch routine is great because it’s not passive, it’s active. It’s empowering. Commit to a full body experience – the more you get into it, mentally and physically – the sooner you’ll feel yourself waking.

  1. Good Morning Sunshine!
    • Point your toes and pull your arms back.
    • Hold the stretch and breathe as you count to 10 in your head.
  2. Hip Joint Stretch
    • Pull your knees up towards your chest and hold (you can do one leg at a time). You’ll feel the stretch in your hip joint – where we often hold a lot of discomfort.
    • Hold the stretch and breathe as you count to 10 in your head.
  3. Spine Stretch
    • With your shoulders pressed flat on the bed – twist one leg over the other to stretch and awaken the spine.
    • Hold for a slow count of 5 for each side.
  4. Side Stretch
    • Keep your bottom on the bed and gently stretch as far as it feels comfortable – without lifting your sit bones off the bed.
    • Hold the stretch and breathe for a slow count of 5 on each side.
  5. Sitting Stretch
    • With one leg folded over the other, feel a great stretch from your backside along your hip and side thigh.
    • Hold the stretch and breathe as you count to 10 in your head.
  6. Feel Grateful!
    • Stand up straight and strong. Place your hands together or place your hand to your heart.
    • Take a deep breath and smile – this will actually trigger emotions of happiness.

Remember: It’s the beginning of a new day. You can waste it, or use if for good.

This assignment is from “Becoming a Morning Person” by Little Green Dot

D’oh! I forgot the Hip Joint Stretch. I tried to remember to do this this morning when my alarm went off. I still hit snooze, because that app is supposed to wake me up at the most optimal time in my sleep cycle…whatever that means. So it could go off anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00. But so far it’s only ever gone off either at 5:30 or 6:00. lol! It went off at 5:30 this morning and I went “Yeah, no. I’m not actually getting out of bed at 5:30.” So I need to change that window. Or maybe get rid of the window and just have my alarm go off right at 6:00. I did get way better sleep last night than I did the night before. I thought it would be a good idea to take a nap on Tuesday. To be fair…we were going to go see a movie, so I would’ve been up later than I usually am. With all the weird weather we’ve had, we decided it wasn’t worth getting out on the roads that late, so we decided to stay in. It was a long night. No more naps!!

But, yeah – the stretching was fine. I was actually able to do most of it without too much difficulty, even with this big ol’ belly.

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