Morning Person 2016 – Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Sleep Matters

What happens when you sleep?

  • Brain “Detox”. Your brain performs its housecleaning duties only while you sleep. It flushes out build-up of cellular waste matter that accumulates in the daytime.
  • Restorative Sleep. There are three stages of sleep before you enter dream sleep, or REM sleep. The third stage is the most important stage of sleep, where the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Memory Making. Your ability to learn, process and remember is greatly affected by sleep. Studies show rested individuals have an estimated three-fold advantage for problem solving, over sleep-deprived individuals.

A sleep journal tracks your sleep times, your habits and your mood – quickly you will begin to see a pattern that will help you make corrections. The night time coffee vs. the night time meditation — how is it really affecting you? The more regularly you track your sleep, the more value you’ll get from the process. So make a commitment now to keep your sleep journal every night for at least two weeks. You’ll be amazed when you look back at your progress.

This assignment is from “Becoming a Morning Person” by Little Green Dot

Okay, so I have like six emails waiting on me…I’ve not done a great job of keeping up with this class! Is it a class? Whatever it is…I’ve not kept up with it. But!! I’m getting back on track. I’m sure I’ll get on the perfect sleep regime just in time to have a newborn and then never get sleep again… >.< I’m sure my sleep journal will be very entertaining, too. “Got up to pee.” “Got up to pee.” “Heartburn.” “LBW’s kicking me like crazy.” “Got up to pee.” I printed off the spreadsheet she’d included in the email, but I also downloaded SleepBot, so we’ll see how those go. Good thing I’m starting this on a Friday, too!

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