Living Room Upgrades

So it hit me. The Nesting. I declared that it was time to start preparing our home for a baby, and it was so. We ripped up all the carpet downstairs, got rid of the fireplace (don’t worry – it’s staying in the house, just moving to the garage to become a part of Mr. T’s man cave), and painted the living room. It was glorious. I really hate uploading pictures to this blog, so you’re going to get like…two. Maybe. I have a public album on Facebook if you want to see them all.

Living Room Upgrades | The Wilson Buzzgray walls, white floor, no fireplace

flooring-112215-2sexy floor painting courtesy of Mr. T

I didn’t really take any before pictures, but the walls were brown and the carpet was brown. And very, very stained. A couple of paint stains actually made it all the way through the carpet and foam onto the concrete. I was impressed by its resolve.

The walls/floor brighten the room up so. much. Seriously. You wouldn’t even believe it. I LOVE IT. The only negative is that we’re going to have to buy a giant honking rug to cover up Mr. T’s paint job, because concrete floors are cold, and it’s November. lol! The next step is pulling up all the carpet upstairs and replacing it with “hardwood” – which will totally not be actual hardwood. Too many animals for that, I assure you.

We’re still working on the floors. Mr. T’s painted the bedroom, but it hasn’t been sealed. And the hallway hasn’t even been touched. He wants to do the kitchen, too. We’ll see… lol! It’s just such a hassle, keeping the animals off of it while it dries. And then the sealant smells so very very bad and I can’t really be around any of it because of the baby… It’s annoying. We’re hoping to seal everything next weekend, so it can dry out while we’re gone to my parents’ for Thanksgiving.

Which reminds me…I have to figure out what we’re going to do with the dogs next weekend. I don’t think my parents really want them there. :\ Ain’t nothing easy.

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