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We visited our friends this past weekend, and saw so many in-progress DIY projects they had going on. Their house wasn’t Pinterest-perfect, but it was still DIY and just so…cool. It really motivated me.

No one I know really does a lot of DIY home reno stuff. I know people that have crazy houses like we do, and I know people with “clean but average” houses – nothing to write home about, but perfectly serviceable. And then there are some magazine-worthy homes. You walk in and think Wow…this is a nice house. But it doesn’t FEEL homey – at least not to me. I feel like just by entering their house I’ve scuffed it. Maybe it’s because they don’t have kids, or they don’t have pets, or they’re robots in disguise and the robotic uprising has begun…I don’t know. The point is…I’m so afraid of things not being perfect. I have pins upon pins on boards upon boards, but I’m too scared to do anything. NOT ANYMORE.

There is no reason to be afraid to start a project, even if it won’t be finished right away. Or if you know it won’t be perfect. I’d rather have things be a little wonky and know I DID THAT than have some contractor come in and make it picture-perfect for eleventy-billion dollars.

Let's Do This | The Wilson BuzzExcept for the stairwell. I am going to hire a painter to paint the stairwell. Because that thing is dang high, and I don’t want to die. NOT TODAY, STAIRS. Not. Today.

Plus, I’m sick of being lazy and unmotivated. I want to do things that I can be proud of. Netflix binges don’t really leave you with any tangible proof that you’ve accomplished something, know what I’m saying?

NO RAGRETS – that’s my creedo.

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