Just Another Day…

…in Paradise!

So Mr. T is out of town, right? My sister invited me to go out to eat lunch with them after church. But her husband had to do something that could take about 30 minutes. They have two kids, one’s almost 4 and one’s almost 2. It was nap time and they were getting a bit cranky so my sister suggested I leave my car for him and we could go on to the restaurant. I put my keys in a little hidey-hole, take a picture of that to text him, get out, hit the lock button, and close the door.




I have a spare car key at home! Oh, but my house key is on my car key ring. Smithy has a spare key, let’s call Smithy! Oh. He’s at his parents’ house an hour away. Well poop. No point in worrying about it now, the kids are on a countdown to meltdown central. So we go eat, then take the kids to her in-laws’ house for a nap. My sister brings me back here to break in and get my keys. Then we head back to the church and get my car. I get home and let the dogs outside. I have like 10 minutes left on my audiobook (The Shadow of the Wind – it’s superb, for the record) so I sit down on the couch to finish it.

Suddenly, my phone rings. Unknown number. Do I answer? Maybe I should… “Are you missing some puppies?” “WHAT?? Probably…” “Where do you live?” “<street name>.” “I bet you’re our neighbor – do you live beside the German Shepherds?” At this point I was outside and saw her. Vigo and Karizma were running around in her front yard. “Your dogs are so cute!” Yeah…they’re something, alright. lol!

I get Vigo and start calling Karizma. Splinter (who was apparently still in the back yard) hears and comes running…and then keeps going. >.< I don’t see Sputnik at all. I get Vigo and Karizma back in the yard, then call for Sputnik. Oh, good – Mr. Oblivious was sitting at the back door. Now I just have to track Splinter down…and he’s all the way down the street. I saw three cars go past him…thankfully he spends more time sniffing around on people’s property than he does wandering in the streets.

Now we’re all home and snug. I really need to catch up on my P90X3, and paint the closet. But I want to take a nap…

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