January Cure – Assignment 12

Tune Out Tonight

This evening (or whenever your main block of “home time” is) take a break from television, computer, tablet and cell or smart phone. It’s an assignment that’s simple in concept but can be surprisingly tough in the execution. But, stick with it. Like the scrubbed floors and clean closets, it’ll be worth it and feels really good to complete.

Oh law. I used this assignment as an opportunity to play catch-up on some of the previous assignments, and to work on my cross stitch for LBW’s nursery! That doesn’t mean I enjoyed it. I have this thing called an addiction, you understand. I need technology in my life. I need to check Facebook. I need to binge-watch things on Netflix. I did listen to music, at least. But I used a full-on ray-day-oh (radio) that we got for Christmas!

January Cure assignments I caught up on:

  • Assignment 8, cleaning out a closet for 30 min
  • Assignment 9, working on our project from Assignment 6 (Mr. T did this one, to be fair)
  • Assignment 11, bedroom deep clean (that I totally didn’t do at all, not even a little)

And my cross stitch progress for the night:

January Cure - Assignment 12 | The Wilson Buzz January Cure - Assignment 12 | The Wilson Buzz

Mr. T kind of worked with me on the “no technology” thing. We listened to music while I cross stitched and he painted. It was downright homey.

January Cure - Assignment 12 | The Wilson BuzzWhen it was time to eat dinner, though, he wanted to watch Netflix. So he chose something I “would have no interest in”: World War II in Colour. He was right. I had no interest. It was worse than actually trying to make conversation. 8P

My night was very exciting, though. One highlight was watching Chairman drink from the sink:

January Cure - Assignment 12 | The Wilson BuzzHours of entertainment…

I did finally start something that I’ve been wanting to do for several weeks now – reading to LBW. 8}

January Cure - Assignment 12 | The Wilson BuzzAnd Splinter…and Vigo…

Now never make me do this again, Apartment Therapy.

2 thoughts on “January Cure – Assignment 12

  1. You have a nesting thing going on. You are rocking “the Cure” this year! And doing needlework to boot. Meanwhile, I just ordered a Roomba to simplify something. I did totally do our bedroom – head to toe :) Feeling good about that.

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