January Cure 2016 – Assignment 9

It’s “Fill in the Blank” Day

Spend some time on the project that you selected in Assignment 7 and move it forward, or even complete it, if possible. (If not, don’t worry, just do what you can today – it doesn’t need to be finished, just worked on). Let us know what project you chose, what you’ve been doing and where you are at in the process in the comments. If you need help or have questions, give a shout in the comments.

So maybe this was supposed to happen like…5 days ago…but whatever. Mr. T works on Wednesdays, and he has Mondays off. Better late than never, amiright?? I can’t tell you how flipping excited I am that this is getting done. I’M SO FLIPPING EXCITED!! Mr. T started ripping the carpet out of the bonus room yesterday. Since I was at work, no progress shots were taken. I’m sure it was a very exciting process, anyway. He got about half the carpet ripped up, and yes…sub floor damage. :( I was being incredibly optimistic when I was hoping we wouldn’t have any. Khat used this room as her own personal toilet for nearly three years…how would there not be damage? I’m not sure who we need to talk to or what we need to do to work on repairing it.

January Cure 2016 - Assignment 9 | The Wilson Buzz January Cure 2016 - Assignment 9 | The Wilson Buzz

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