January Cure 2016 – Assignment 18

Create a Landing Strip and Start Using It

You’ll want a door mat and hooks or proper, usable space in a coat closet to hang your outerwear and bags. Set up a spot or hook for your keys, a bowl or container for change and your wallet on a surface (like a small side table) to sort the mail and other items (newspapers, books, magazines, purchases) as they come in. Two other super helpful and nice components to add to your landing strip area are a small wastebasket/recycling bin to hold your discarded incoming mail and a mirror.

I had actually just pulled all our “landing strip” equipment out of my closet for Mr. T to hang back up! We took it all down when we were painting the walls. Yeah, that was a…few…months ago. What? The good news I was already working on this one!! I did switch it up some from what it looked like last year. We’ve got a contractor coming out next Friday to take a look at the stairwell, so we can get a quote on getting that painted. Then I want to put some cubby shelves over there, and hang hooks on the wall. Anyway, the point is I was totally doing this before you told me to, Apartment Therapy. ;)

January Cure 2016 - Assignment 18 | The Wilson Buzz

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