January Cure 2016 – Assignment 14

Bathroom / Medicine Cabinet Clean Out

  1. Take everything out of the cabinet and keep like things together.
  2. Use a good all purpose cleaner to quickly wipe down the interior and shelves.
  3. Dispose of everything that:
    • You haven’t used in 12 months
    • Is past the expiration date
    • Is empty or nearly empty
    • You don’t need any longer
  4. Replace the items you are keeping, taking care to give the items you use most often the most visible and/or easily accessible spots.
  5. Add anything that needs replacing to your shopping list.

I’m fudging this one a bit, too. Sure, I could probably find a few things in our bathroom cabinets that I could toss. But it’s really not in terrible shape. We don’t keep a lot of extra junk around in there, and I cleaned it out in the Cure last year. It looks pretty much exactly like that now. Now, a cabinet that does need some attention would be the one under our sink!! Don’t believe me?

January Cure 2016 - Assignment 14 | The Wilson BuzzI TOLD YOU.

I found some stuff to toss, some stuff, like floor and bathroom cleaner, to move elsewhere (I just bought more of it because I didn’t realize I had any!), and really just reorganizing what was left made a world of difference.
January Cure 2016 - Assignment 14 | The Wilson BuzzSorry for the glare. Snow and all that, don’t you know. We’ve had so much snow. I really should post some pictures!

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