January Cure 2016 – Assignment 10

The 10-Minute Task That’ll Keep You on Track

Why not celebrate yourself and all your hard work this month by adding a friend or two (or 8!) into the mix? Setting up a relaxed get together now will also help keep you on track and motivate you to stick with the rest of the Cure. Choose a date and time for a get-together at your home on the weekend of January 29 – 31 (or whatever date is best for your schedule near the start of February). This is a real part of the Cure, so take a few minutes and get it done. Send out the invite(s) today – a text, email or evite are all totally fine. Just make sure you get going on the invites TODAY and get them out ASAP.

Ha! You underestimate my ability to not care what people think about my home. My friends know what to expect – they’ve seen it. If I get my bra from yesterday put away before they get there I consider it a win. ;) But! I’ll do…something. What should I do…? I really don’t want to have a big shebang or anything. And I’m kind of in a funk where I don’t really like anyone/anything. lol! Maybe I can invite a couple girls from high school over for a movie night or something. Ooohh…maybe a Harry Potter movie marathon!

I’m doing these assignments all kinds of out of order. idgaf

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