January Cure 2016 – Assignment 1

Get Ready, Get Set, GO: The Cure Begins

Start off with a reward. Buy a bunch of flowers.

Yes, it’s a little indulgent and you might be tempted to skip right over this part of the assignment, but you shouldn’t. It matters. You deserve it. Your home deserves it. This small (affordable!) gift to your home, a simple, healthy, little luxury, is a very important part of the Cure. Here’s why: the flowers are a visual reminder and manifestation of your renewed commitment to care for your home.

Last year I bought four different potted plants:

  1. hanging thing
  2. daffodils
  3. the weird one
  4. the other weird one

The only one still alive is the hanging plant. >.< The daffodils died pretty much immediately. I’m not sure if I was supposed to plant them or what, but they died pretty hard. The first weird one, with the curvy leaves, lasted a pretty long while. I forgot to water it, though, and it died. And then the other weird one, that had the red flowers, did pretty well. After the flowers died it never really bloomed again, and it only had a couple leaves on it, but it was still going. Aaaand then a cat chewed it up. >.> It has like one little leaf left. I don’t have much hope for it.

I need to go grocery shopping tonight, so maybe I’ll pick myself up a new plant for the new year. :) We shall see.

And then, do some hard work. Vacuum the rugs and clean ALL the floors.

It is a BIG job (I’m going to be real, maybe even the biggest job of the whole month) but there is a reason to start here. It is because it truly makes a major difference in not only how your home looks but how it feels and, honestly, how clean it really is. You can’t fake it, you just have to dig in and do it. So, make the most of the first weekend of the Cure and get this done right. You have three days to make it happen and you’ll be proud and feel great when you are through.

From one end of your home to the other, it’s time to sweep, mop and vacuum. Move things out of the way as you go so you can do a thorough job. This will take a while but trust me, it is worth it. Turn on your favorite motivating music, set your mind to it and knock it out!

See, the thing is…you have to be able to see your floors to clean them! >.< It is a daily goal of mine to sweep the living room, so I’ve done a good job of that. I even mopped it over the weekend! I also had Mr. T vacuum the stairs/landing. And I was able to sweep/mop the kitchen. Well, the kitchen half. The side with our kitchen table is a bit rekt. We’ll get there, though. So, I mean, I obviously didn’t do a bang-up job of following direction. But! I did get a lot done this weekend!! It just wasn’t all floor-related things. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Now! I need to plan my grocery list!! I’ll make sure to include a plant. :)

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