I Got Nothin’


I’m really tired, you guys. I’m having a hard time coping with being an adult, lol. Anything I say other than that is just going to be a whiny, fwp kind of rant. I’m not up for doing two of those so close together.

But if I don’t complain about my white, middle-class life, what am I going to talk about??

I got nothin’.

did go clothes shopping yesterday! I’ve only gone shopping for clothes three times since starting my real-world job back in May 2012. This was the 3rd time. And the first time I bought new clothes! The other two times it was consignment. It’s kind of nice having clothes no one else has worn. >.< I did just go to Target (or Tar-zhay as I like to call it) but still…I’m working my way up the “I’m an adult!” ladder. I honestly hope to never reach the rung where I refuse to spend less than $100 on shoes, though.

new shoes from Target

These only cost me $20. 8}

Also, henna. Isn’t it awesome?? My friend Shells did it for me at Two-Tone’s silent auction last week. Well, she did my hands. She did the feet the next evening. She’s got mad skills, bro. Mad skills. The details are astounding! I’m eventually going to have her design an actual tattoo for one of my legs. Pretty stoked. 8}

henna by Shells

Henna, henna everywhere.

I guess that’s all I really have for today. I think I’ve rambled enough for this post. And I didn’t complain! Too much! Go me! 8}

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