Home Tour 2017

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I didn’t watch the 2015 or 2016 (linked at the bottom) videos until after I’d made this one. I probably would have pointed out a few things that have changed if I had. Dunno if that would’ve made a difference. You should just go back and watch them, then come here and comment and tell me what you like/don’t like about what we’ve done. ;) It’s pretty interesting to me to see what has/hasn’t changed over the past three years. Especially the things I’ve complained about EVERY YEAR but still haven’t fixed. lol! I am glad I’ve started making videos, though. I wish I’d started a lot sooner, to see how the house has changed since we first moved in, but better later than never? I highly recommend doing it in your own home, even if you never share the videos with the public!

I was a bit embarrassed at the state of our house (like I always am) but in all honesty…I love our life. I love our house, I love our clutter, I love our chaos. lol! I do wish we’d be able to keep things more…organized (ORGANIZED!!) but if our house looked like a showroom: #1 – I wouldn’t feel comfortable there, #2 – what would I have to stress about doing all the time?? But, yeah…I’m going to try to get back on schedule starting in June with the front yard!

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