Holy Sheet!

The kitchen is still clean! I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but it does. I really really really hope we can keep it like this for always. I’ve been working on a cleaning schedule for each room. I think I’m going to implement them as I go through my spring cleaning brouhaha. Here’s a screenshot of the kitchen one. The formatting is a bit weird because of the way Excel displays the print preview. I’m also using different fonts on my work computer that I don’t have installed here on my laptop. Not that I do anything non-work-related at work…

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule | The Wilson BuzzBut that’s not really what this post is about. I don’t really have a focus for this post, actually, I’m just trying to get in the habit again. Lucky you.

I had a dream a few nights ago that it was some holiday time, or something. My whole family was together at my parents’ house. For some reason I was also roommates with this girl from my hometown. I’m not sure where or why, though, because she has a son and was really sad to be away from him. Anyway, I got together with her and another girl from my hometown to hang out. But I woke up wrecked in my parents’ yard. I was like “Well crap, I got drunk and drove home. Thank God I made it all the way here before I wrecked!!” (Side note: I NEVER drink and drive. And you shouldn’t, either.) So then I had to go inside and clean myself up, figure out how to explain this to my family without telling them I’d been drinking. I called those girls when I was inside, to try to figure out what had happened. They told me that not only had I gotten wasted, I’d also taken a TON of pills. I freaked out and immediately gagged myself to throw them up. And I just threw up tons of pills. They hadn’t even begun to dissolve. And you know how after you throw up there’s still some left in your mouth, so you have to spit? Well I spit. Only I spit in real life. All over my pillow, and the sheets.

Unrelated: I bought new sheets today at Target!! I also bought a welcome mat for our front door, some magnets that are suuuuuuper cute, a dress, a drying rack for clothes, a mat to put on the dryer so I can iron things (IRON! THINGS!), and a new controller for our PS3. Trust me, my life is very exciting. And since you were begging me, here is a picture of our bed with the new sheets on it. I actually bought two sets. You don’t get to see the others. Mainly because I’m lazy. DEAL WITH IT.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzFun story. I washed these sheets first, right? And then threw the other sheets in to wash with our old winter fleece sheets. These got dry, and I put them on the bed. As I was straightening out the flat sheet I realized it had a gash in it. And then another one. And another one. “wtf??” I thought maybe our dryer had attacked, but then I found the bag that they came in. It has a huge gash in it. Sooo…something sliced them before I even bought them. Mr. T is going to exchange them tomorrow.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzAt least we have our old bed upstairs. I’ll be sleeping there tonight.

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