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I know I’ve kind of disappeared, but I’ve hit the “Meh, don’t wanna blog.” funk that comes and goes. I also feel kind of guilty about the stuff I’ve been posting about. I rarely write journal-style posts anymore. It’s all home reno plans, challenges, product placements, or crappy book reviews. I definitely plan on only ever writing what I want to write about, but even I think the stuff I’ve been posting is super lame. I promise to do better, self!!

Things at Two-Tone are going really well. We’re about halfway through our second show of 2015. The Indiegogo campaign was a reasonable success. We only made half of our “goal” but I’ll admit it was a pretty lofty goal. We made more than Mr. T was expecting, but he expects nothing from anyone ever and is horribly uncomfortable if he actually does get something. We, of course, are horrible people and are only just now getting all the perks organized and delivered to the contributors. Better late than never?

We had our first class as well. My friend Starr led it and I think it was a fabulous success. We had about 12 people sign up, and I think everyone had a great time. Even though it was one of those “everyone paint the same thing” sort of classes, Starr really left it open to a lot of customization, so everyone had a slightly different end result. You can view all the photos here. And this is mine (and my new red hair!):

Two-Tone Beginner's Class | The Wilson BuzzYes, I dyed my hair red. I wanted something different! I also didn’t want to get fired… Anyway, I think my birds turned out pretty cute. I was the only one that did lighter birds, but my background was pretty dark and I was afraid the black wouldn’t really pop. I actually meant for them to be a darker gray than they turned out, but whatever. And I had joked that it looked like it was raining because of the way I did my background. Plus I hadn’t even TOUCHED my red paint, so I thought…why not have an umbrella?? 8} Mr. T is going to teach the next class – he wants to do a t-rex skull. I’m kind of really excited about it.

Oh! And even though we had to buy a dozen easels, which aren’t cheap, I think we managed to recoup our costs! We managed to scramble up enough chairs for everyone, borrow a table, and Starr let us use her paintbrushes instead of having to buy a ton. Starr is awesome, obviously. And I want to do another class like right now. lol!

Mr. T didn’t want me to post this on the FB pages, but I’m doing it here – we’re actually out of the red already. !!! He’s been incredibly busy since opening, which is amazing. I am starting to get twitchy, though… His days off are supposed to be Sunday and Monday but he keeps scheduling people for those days, anyway, so I hardly ever seen him and it’s making me cranky. But that’s neither here nor there. We’re out of the red!!

Has anyone noticed that Spotify is playing a TON of ads lately? I just opened it, hit play, and they played an ad before they even played the first song. I’ve been listening to it more this week, mainly because I am flipping exhausted – possibly due to the time change? We also have new phones and one of the people near me picked the most annoying ringtone for her phone, and now it rings all the time. I think they somehow linked it to the front desk phone, because she is in charge of it as well. I never realized how many calls we got… The ad I hate the most is the esurance one that talks about left/right brain and plays the dialog only in one speaker or the other. It hurts my brain to switch between ears like that.

I’m just in a horrible mood lately. I punched a Redbox kiosk yesterday. Story: We rented two movies, and I had a coupon code for one free night, so I wanted to return one before we got charged for it at all. I grabbed it to put in Mr. T’s Jeep so he could return it, but forgot and it ended up in my car. I zoned out on my way home so I was in our driveway before I remembered I needed to return it, so I had to turn around and drive back out. There are two kiosks about equidistant from our house, just in total opposite directions. I almost went to one, but at the last minute decided to go to the other. I go to pull in to a parking spot and the chick at the kiosk didn’t bother to close her door when she got out, so I had to swerve last minute and get a different spot, so I was all crooked. It took her ages, and when she finally left I saw what the issue was – the screen wasn’t working. So I punched it. Twice. And then had to drive all the way to the other kiosk to return the movie. I was hangry (hungry + angry), and didn’t want to cook. Mr. T had told me a few days ago that if I would cook that night he’d cook the next time, so I was planning on making him cook some chicken alfredo, because I was afraid the chicken was going to go bad before we could cook it. He called me, and I told him, and he said “Oh, no – that chicken has definitely already gone bad.” Well why is it in the fridge still? He could tell I was upset, and I explained that I was just in a foul mood and had meant to warn him ahead of time, but forgot thanks to the stupid Redbox. Then he told me he wanted to go grab a beer with Smithy before he came home. *silence* Then I told him that was fine, but I was hungry and didn’t want to cook, so he assured me he’d bring home something for dinner. Even though I want to stop eating out so much because I feel fat and gross… He got off work at 8:00. He called me at 10:00 and said he was IHOP, what did I want to eat. Well I wanted to eat four hours ago!

Ugh… Usually none of that would really bother me. We usually eat that late. But like I said…I’ve just been in a foul mood. I think it’s work. All the ice storms we’ve been having really put me behind, which I never am. So everyone’s getting all pushy, because they’re used to me being on top of things. One woman even texts me if I don’t respond to her emails fast enough. Maddening. And it’s only Wednesday.

I’m in the early stages of planning a slumber party for a couple of friends from high school. I’m far too excited about it.

Okay, bye now.

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  1. Thanks for the smile today. Your ramblings are always do interesting.
    I’m also super excited to hear two tone is finally in the black. Considering the tattoo shop, I’m sure that helps, but that’s great! And force him to not schedule people on one day! Black it out on his calendar!

    • ;) I do what I can. lol!

      Yeah, I meant the tattoo shop. We don’t really have much income/expense for the art gallery. But we had to take out a small loan and pull from our savings to get the tattoo shop up and running. Thankfully it wasn’t much, and he was so busy the first month or so that he made it all back!

      He’s gotten better about it, but still has a hard time turning down an appointment. He doesn’t want to risk missing any money. He did admit he was getting burnt out, though. And that would be worse overall than losing one client who could only come in on a Monday (which is unlikely to happen).

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