I had a dream last night that my grandparents got to meet Wade. The entire family was at their house in Spring City. It was a beautiful sun-shiny summer day – the light was streaming in through the windows like whoa. Papaw was playing with Wade while Mom talked to Mamaw on the couch. I wanted to get a video but I didn’t want them to see me crying.

I’m tearing up now just thinking about it, lol! I woke up thinking that that must be what Heaven is like – bright and beautiful, surrounded by all your loved ones…

And then I felt guilty because it was just my mom’s parents and not my dad’s. Why were they left out, subconscious?? And then I started panicking because what if Wade had died? He has started sleeping on his stomach, and that study did just come out about how they shouldn’t do that before the age of one… *rushes to check baby monitor* And then of course I started thinking about how my parents are now the grandparents and one day they will die, and omg I really should call them.

It really was a great dream, even if reality kind of ruined it. >.<

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