Woo! Yes, I know today is actually November 1 and there is nothing remarkable about November 1. BUT! This year there is!! Because tonight is the night of the 2nd Annual Wilson Halloween Party! Last year was our first Halloween at our for-real house and we had a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed party. I’m sure I posted about it on my old blog but I’ve kind of fizzled out on moving posts over. So sue me. I only had like 3 pictures on Facebook from that night. I NEED A CAMERA.

Anywho, this year we are doing Ghostbusters. Surprise, surprise… If you know Mr. T at all you know everything in our lives is Ghostbusters-themed. But it’s cool. They ARE good movies. And I love Mr. T…so I love the movies. He has been working his patootie off to make us proton packs. Smithie is going to be a buster of ghosts as well, so they had to make THREE proton packs! I did not help, but I was busy getting the bathroom together (I need to post about that as well), even though it still isn’t finished! But it’s finished enough that the sink is back in there!! No mirror, though. Or tp holder. I’M WORKING ON IT. I also had to clean, cook, and decorate. You could say I’ve been a busy little bee. ;) buzz buzz buzz

Sorry, I was up well past midnight last night getting stuff done. I’ll make sure to take more pictures this year for your enjoyment. Anyway, to recap the past six Halloweens, I pulled pictures from Facebook. THROW BACK FRIDAY, Y’ALL! Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Ah, well…

Halloween 2006 | The Wilson Buzz

My first year at MTSU my friend Miss C and I dressed up as “dark” and “light” fairies. I’m 99.9% sure she chose the theme just to be slutty. I was sooooo uncomfortable with how low my top was, and how short the skirt was! I bought the tights to hide my legs. >.< I’ve come a long way… My parents probably don’t think it’s an improvement. Anyway, to explain this picture – or try to, anyway – we were at the Wesley Foundation on campus. It’s the Methodist college ministry group. We had to act out various scary movies for charades. This is Kujo, which I had never (and still have never) seen. I was also extremely uncomfortable being in front of everyone and probably dropped the ball hard on the whole “acting” bit.


Halloween 2007 | The Wilson Buzz

Halloween 2007 I had to dress up for Contest of Champions, a high school band competition. I was in MTSU’s Band of Blue and at the end of CoC we performed our halftime show in costume. BoB was a lot of fun, even though the work wasn’t worth it. I can’t remember what costume I wore in 2006…strange. Side note – I miss that flip phone. I was da bomb at T9 texting. You know what I miss more? Dem abs. I used to do crunches. This is also the smallest I’ve been (other than when I was a child, obv) – I lost 15 lbs during band camp and didn’t gain it back until I got married and swelled up. I know, I know – I’m still not fat. But I’ve gained like 30 lbs since this picture was taken. My stomach does NOT look like that anymore. le sigh…


Halloween 2008 | The Wilson Buzz

Yeah… Apparently there is no photographic proof of my costume from 2008. It wasn’t impressive, though – I assure you. This was my “I just want to be slutty!” phase. I also worked at Party City and missed the entire Halloween party because we were cleaning the store until after midnight. SUPER LAME, for the record. Oh – I was a slutty inmate in case you were curious. This was the year I started dating Mr. T – he was Charlie Chaplin. And was already out of costume by the time I made it to the party.


Halloween 2009 | The Wilson Buzz

2009 was the year Mr. T first became a Ghostbuster. I was just a boring (but slutty!) witch.


Halloween 2010 | The Wilson Buzz

In 2010 I was a heartless from Kingdom Hearts II. I also had green hair. I also didn’t take any pictures of myself in costume. I took a ton of pictures of my friend who was dressed up as GIR, though. PRIORITIES. This is a super cute hat, fyi. Too bad I don’t have any pictures of it. Mr. T and I were living with his grandparents at the time. The party was kind of boring so I drank way too much and got sick. I remember throwing up in his grandmother’s flower bed (not a euphemism) and kicking the mulch around to hide it. Yet again, Mr. T was a Ghostbuster.


Halloween 2011 | The Wilson Buzz

In 2011 we dressed up as the cast from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This was our first year with Splinter and he was Dr. Horrible. I was supposed to be Penny and Mr. T was Captain Hammer. We made our party costumes-required and then realized that the people from Dr. Horribleare just wearing clothes. Mr. T bought the Captain Hammer t-shirt, but that was about it. So now some of our friends don’t trust us anymore and refuse to dress up for our parties. ALSO – the doctor costume we bought for Splinter had that little foam front flap that was supposed to look like the front of a lab coat. Well he jumped around so much it spun around on his neck and stuck straight up in the air behind his head. Our little black dog looked like a Klan member. >.< It was hilarious and tragic all at the same time.


Halloween 2012 | The Wilson Buzz

Group shot from our RHPS party. Banana was Columbia; I was Magenta; Mr. T was Riff Raff; Pher was Eddie; eLLe and her husband were Brad & Janet; Miss C was one of extras during Time Warp; and Smithie was Dr. Frank N. Furter. He was WAY too comfortable in that costume – don’t let this image fool you.

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