Half-Bath, Part Four: Please No More Painting…

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It is for real embarrassing how long this remodel is taking. I’M ALMOST DONE, I SWEAR. We are having a Halloween party on November 1 and my goal is to be. done. in time for that. At the very least be done enough that the sink is back in place! So on my day off yesterday I got (semi) serious about getting it finished. I also posted this status on Facebook:

If you ever think “Hm, I may want to paint a stencil on the walls of my house.” Call me. I’ll come over and slap you and say “NO! Bad <your name>! You do NOT want to do this! It will be hard and frustrating and look terrible and you’ll curse the day you started down that road!”

Things got a little better after that. Mainly because I stopped caring. And Mr. T reminded me that he is going to go back in with a paintbrush and do all the little touch-ups where the stencil didn’t line up perfectly. I thought I had finished at least two of the walls last night, only to discover when I reviewed the pictures today that I actually missed a chunk above the light. I was all hopping all over the place with the stencil – there is NO method to my madness and I may never do another stencil as long as I live. Don’t quote me on that.

Anywho, here are some pictures:

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


I also decided to take the pressure off of Mr. T on designing stencils of picture frames. Partially because I am so. over. stencils. But mainly because he has been swamped with stuff and it makes him cranky. ;) He is designing all the artwork for a comic book, creating the cover for someone’s novel, making two proton packs for Halloween, AND still has to finish my anniversary present from August! He did finally show me what he’s doing and it’s pretty freaking awesome. I can’t wait for it to be finished. 8} Anyway, all that to say we went to Goodwill and loaded up on some cheap frames for me to paint:

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


Sorry, I just had to include a close-up of that one. IT HAS GIRAFFES ON IT. I was super excited when I spotted it. We have some more that I need to paint off-white. Hopefully I can crank that out this evening, or sometime this weekend. Then I need to get them hung up! I bought velcro strips to go on the back of the, so they aren’t as easy to knock off the wall – we were afraid that if we hung them up with nails that people would bump them trying to draw inside. I also bought some paint pens so I can doodle on some games. Speaking of…what games should we include? So far I’ve been thinking:

Do you have any other suggestions?

Oh, and here is this last image. We bought mini shelves, and I’m going to put chalk on them. So exciting. I was originally going to paint it white or off-white, but had leftover chalkboard paint from stenciling (probably should have finished that bit above the light, eh?) and decided to paint the shelves instead.

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


I should have made a checklist for this project! I enjoy crossing things off of checklists…

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2 thoughts on “Half-Bath, Part Four: Please No More Painting…

  1. Your bathroom is looking great, I love the graphic black and white. I SOOO feel you on stenciling though, it takes forever. After I finished the birch forest hallway you commented on I swore I would just stick to stenciling furniture. But then you kinda forget about the pain and sure enough, I decided to stencil my entire master bathroom. And I did it with one of those tiny little stencil brushes. Uggg….

    • No kidding! At this point in my life I can’t imagine ever wanting to try a stencil again, but I had already planned on stenciling our bedroom when we redo it…holy smokes – that’s supposed to happen next month!

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