Half-Bath, Part Five: Finished! (Enough)

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Half Bath | The Wilson BuzzOh, SNAP! Lookie there – look who’s working on the bathroom again! That’s right! Its finished! (enough for now) After I finished the last chunk of stencil, it was only a matter of hanging up a few things… PICTURES:

Half Bath | The Wilson BuzzMr. T and Smithy put in the mirror. I’ve learned that Mr. T is one of those “measure once and drill seven holes in the wall” kind of people… Mind boggling. He had to move the mirror holder thingies once, and it’s slightly not straight. But I love him! I’m just slightly more concerned about that bed frame now… ;)

Anyway, after that went up I just had a few things to hang up and we were done! (enough for now)

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz


Here is my list again:

But it is legit done enough to make me very, very happy. 8}

NOW ON TO THE BEDROOM! Oh, I can check off another item on that list as well!!

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