Half Bath, Part 3: Stenciling

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My name is Sarah Wilson and I am a failure at home renovations. I started stenciling on August 3. Just a few days after my last post (Part 2 up there). I was drinking White Russians and using a paint brush. I don’t recommend doing either when you’re trying to stencil. The paintbrush made it very tedious and the White Russians made my attention span not so great.

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And then….it sat there. I didn’t even peel the stencil off the wall for several days. >.< Exactly two months later, on October 3, I started painting again. Don’t ever hire me to do work in your home.

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This time I had a stencil roller from Hobby Lobby. I cannot recommend stencil rollers enough. In about half the time I did 3x as much stencil. MAGICAL. I was also sober, so that may have helped. 8}

Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz Half Bath | The Wilson Buzz

We still have a long way to go with this, though. I suggest NOT stenciling on tiny walls with lots of protrusions. For the record. Going over the outlet was a NIGHTMARE. The lamp is going to be a formidable foe, I can already tell. Then I’ll have the water bits for the sink AND the light switches. Oy, vey. Thankfully, I’m married to an artist! 8} I’m going to make Mr. T go in with a brush (like for art, not walls) and touch up anywhere the stencil didn’t line up perfectly or I smudged or couldn’t get close enough to use the stencil.

Oh, and we have new art for the wall! It took a couple months, but another artist submitted something to the gallery that I liked. And this time Mr. T did, too! It’s also three pieces, but they’re much smaller and painted on blocks of wood. They’re pretty awesome, but we’ll have to take them down when my parents come over. >.< You’ll see what I mean when I post a picture. YES I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THEM.

I can’t wait for this room to be finished! I’m so happy. 8D 8D 8D

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