Good News, Everyone!

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Good News, Everyone! | The Wilson Buzz

So many awesome things have happened recently. I must need share.

Firstly: FR moved out! She’s gone!! She’s goooooooone! She had her lovely lovely beau bought a house together. She’s been gone for about a week and it’s been GLORIOUS. Her mattress is still here, but she said she’ll be out by the end of the month and will still pay rent for March + $$$ to fix the carpet her cats destroyed.

Part B: The tree in the front yard is gone! I was going to add a link to the post about that, and then realized I never actually finished/posted it. >.< So, yeah – the big pine tree in our front yard is no more.

#3: We sold the PT Cruiser!! SamE’s boyfriend bought it, the poor fool super awesome man. So Emily gets a second lease on life – he’s going to totally replace her engine. I hope she gives him many years of service. And she’s no longer in our driveway!!

IV: We’re going to plant grass tomorrow!! 8} Oh it’s a glorious day to be alive.


Now for some potentially awesome, potentially super depressing news: I have to try to fit in my wedding dress again. April 19 a friend-of-a-friend is going to do some bridal portraits to try to flesh out her portfolio. So I have a little over a month to get in shape. I CAN DO IT. Hopefully.

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