Front Yard

Note: I started this…awhile ago. And only just now finished it. So if tenses get weird, I’m sorry. Kind of.

It finally happened!

My parents came up yesterday to see my nephew in a play. He’s Tom Sawyer! They said it was quite good – Mr. T and I are going to see it tomorrow afternoon. If I remember I’ll report back in. They stayed with us last night, and we woke up early this morning and did some yard work. THE PINE TREE IN OUR FRONT YARD IS NO MORE.

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzThat is the most beautiful pile of dead nature I’ve ever seen. 8}

I can now see out our front windows, too! And even though it’s very overcast and blah today, the living room is so. much. BRIGHTER. I’m super stoked!!

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzI really wish I had taken a “before” picture of this. :\ Just know that this is amazing.

As Dad pointed out, this wasn’t a tree so much as it was an incredibly overgrown shrub. It didn’t have one “trunk” and instead had three large trunks with several more spindly ones branching out every which way. It was a hot mess. And it is no more. I can’t wait to see our living room once the sun shows up again!!

The poor dogs were stressed out all morning. There were new people, strange noises, and all sorts of bizarre things happening. They’re mostly recovered now, if you were worried.

Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz

Further proof that my husband is almost exactly similar to my father…just look at what our neighbors were witnessing bright and early Saturday morning:

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzFirst there was Mr. T – Dad had cut most of the low-hanging branches but Mr. T wanted to be manly and lop off a couple of trunks (see how not tree-like this thing was??) with his ax. Because testosterone. He wasn’t to be bothered with putting legit pants on, though. And then….and then….

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzApparently Mom forgot to remind Dad to pack his protective eye-wear. This is all we had. He rocked it, though. And just like that:

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzBye, bye, tree! I really wish I had some “before” pictures! I know I took some at one point, but I must have decided I was going to take new ones when we finally got around to cutting it down…and then when we were cutting it down I was all “Oh I already have some.” So…whatever. Imagine a giant pine tree/bush/thing where that stump is. It was almost as tall as our house. And fugly.

Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz

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