FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots

So a Hot Spot is basically a spot in your house where junk accumulates. For this first attempt at diffusing a “hot spot” she suggests setting a timer for two minutes, getting as much done as you can in those two minutes, then stopping.

I decided to clear off our coffee table:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzThis whole things sounds a lot like the “surface sweeps” that we do for January Cure. As a matter of fact, I think I cleaned off our coffee table last year during the cure. lol! The only distraction I had this go around was deciding to fill a glass with water. That really ate into my time, I think… FlyLady says to do it all in TWO minutes – Apartment Therapy gave me three!! Neither time limit resulted in success.

Coffee table after two minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzI mean…it’s better? But my attention span mixed with our ability to really clutter a space up really inhibits my ability to clean a space in under five minutes. So I switched over from Timer to Stopwatch on my phone and finished – including cleaning it off with Windex!

Coffee table after an additional 6.5 minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzNow isn’t that nice?

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