FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink

I did it. I cleaned the stupid sink. We didn’t have any bleach, so I thought I’d get some at Kroger, but either I couldn’t find it or they don’t sell it. I also got kind of angrily/nicely chastised for leaving my cart unattended. But that’s neither here nor there. So I didn’t really follow the exact directions.


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzHere is how things began. I did at least do all the dishes before I took this picture. So I’ve got that going for me.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe first thing I did was spray everything down with Scrubbing Bubbles. Then I scrubbed those bubbles. I scrubbed them real good.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzCan you see a difference? I could irl, but I’m not sure the pictures really show a difference.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThen I sprinkled a bunch of Bar Keeper’s Friend all over the place and scrubbed that around. I may have used way too much, not really sure. It took ages to get it all washed away. But it was pretty shiny and nice when it was done.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzSee? (Really – I’m asking. Is there any difference? I can’t tell. I mean I could tell when I was doing it, but in these pictures…I’m just not sure. Tell me you can see a difference. TELL ME.)

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe cherry on the freaking top of the cake, though, is this AWESOME new in-sink drying rack I bought. No more drying dishes on the counter, using up valuable counter space!! And no¬† more two sinks to fill with dirty dishes, allowing us to go FAR too long between running the dishwasher. It’s a new era, baby. NO LOOKING BACK.

6 thoughts on “FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink

  1. I did “The Fly Lady” about 5 years ago (way to many emails for me as well, working mom). Made a nifty 3 ring binder for the year and all. I didn’t last long but shining the sink and doing dishes after every meal was a BIG take away for me. Also setting out or having in mind my “outfit” for the next day before I went to bed. Anyways, I have a fantastic set of dish towels as a result. Every night I scrub and dry with the day’s cloth – send that one to the wash – then select another beautiful dish towel for the next day. It can become a habit! And a slippery slop on collecting beautiful dish towels. Well done grasshopper.

    • The sink has always been a problem for me. When I was in high school pretty much my ONLY chore was doing the dishes…and I only did it about half the time. Pretty sure my mom contemplated murder more than once. lol! It’s not gotten better since I became “an adult”. So that’s definitely the thing I want to work on the most. But also, keeping the rest of the house not-destroyed as well would be nice. I am struggling with the “fresh towel every day” thing, because we really don’t use our kitchen a lot. I’m sure that will change with a child, but for now I’m like…really? EVERY day??

      And, yeah – I really need to get better about picking out my clothes ahead of time. Dressing down to the laces every day, though? NOPE.

      • proud of you — I have a totally different problem– my plumbing is in need of repair if i run water in it — it backs out of the washer hose all over the floor — so buckets of water is my method now – sigh I used the Fly Lady plan i made a few revisions on it for my own purposes- it was a great plan to help me keep focus and make time for the big projects that I often over looked or allowed myself to be overwhelmed by – keep at it make it work for you – ;-) happy new year

      • Our rental was like that when we moved in. Thankfully we had a landlord, so we just had HER call the plumber to come out and fix everything! The first issue we had once we’d bought our house, I looked at my husband and said “…can we call the landlord??” lol! There are definite perks to renting.

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