Flower, Day 2

Day 1

Yeah, I had like…a level left when I went to bed last time. >.<

I actually played through Level 5 like three times, because it’s stupid. Every other level ends in a vortex, right? You go all swirly and crap and woo! But on Level 5 you get all the way to the end, see the vortex, and then the screen fades out and you’re back on the menu. I kept thinking I had messed up. Not gotten enough petals or something. I finally gave up and went on to Level 6. AND I WAS AT THE VORTEX. For whatever reason they put the vortex from the end of Level 5 at the beginning of 6. It makes no sense to me. *grumble grumble* My flower is still super droopy, though, so I don’t think I did it quite right, anyway. That level was hard. It was the only hard one, too. The rest of the time it was really brainless and chill. I think my two-year-old niece might enjoy this one.

This game isn’t as easy to write about as BioShock: Infinite, since there really isn’t a plot or storyline. The last level was a lot of fun, though. My brother-in-law called me right as I finished it and the cut scene began, so I honestly don’t know how the game ends. Kind of lame. There was a big tree, or something.

I haven’t figured out if it’s supposed to be political, though. It’s kind of “industrialization is bad – nature is good” but at the same time the last level is a big city. There’s just a lot of grass and flowers in it. And a HUGE tree.

It’s a fun game. I don’t regret buying it, especially if flOw and Journey are as cool as this one was. I still think it would be fun to play while doing drugs.

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