Flower, Day 1

journey collectors edition

 And so it begins…

Little Hippo is supposed to be playing this one with me – you better not disappoint, Little Hippo!! He should be blogging and/or vlogging about it. Imma be SUPA pissed if he doesn’t! *grumble*

First things first – I am cooking this for dinner. I must go see if it is ready for me to nom and/or om nom nom. Mr. T is going to see Thor with one of his coworkers, so he may never be heard from again. At the very least I don’t need to wait on him to eat. Eh…it still has a few minutes, might as well get the game started, eh? It’s going to take it about 5 years to do the install, anyway, I’m sure.

Time passes…

Day 1

First off I discover our new (cheap) remotes don’t work with this game. Awesome. You play the entire game by just rotating the controller, and the cheap knockoffs we bought don’t have the doohickie in them that does that. Luckily the problem with our old ones was that the buttons stuck, so no big deal! First I watch an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and eat my delicious food.

Alright, I’ve beaten level 1. I guess. There aren’t really instructions. I was a petal and I fluttered around coming in contact with flowers, collecting more petals. When you got all the flowers in an area, the brown grass turned green. And at the end I revived a tree! It’s very soothing. I think it would be fun to play whilst on drugs. Just guessing! Also, the game got a lot easier once I discovered I couldn’t get stuck in the grass. I was afraid I would have to hurry and get everything done before I hit the ground. But apparently that doesn’t happen. So huzzah!

I’m off for round 2!

Level 2 was also fun. More of the same. Oh goodness, I need to get a picture of my dog. Hold on.


Anyway, the levels start in some sort of apartment window. There was one sad little potted plant and then I did Level 1 and it perked up. And then another plant appeared, played a level with it, and so on. The view outside the window gets less dreary every time, and the apartment looks nicer as well. I’m curious to see how this game develops. Is there ever an enemy? I was afraid wind would make me lose petals or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If I veer too far off course it spins me around, but that’s about it.

So far it’s really pretty, really soothing, and really simple. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I hope there is…more…

Alright, I made it to Level 4 or 5…I forget. I got sucked in and stopped updating every time. It was a lot of the same, and then suddenly I was getting zapped with evil red electricity. It’s almost midnight and I’m tired. All the dogs are getting on my nerves, so I think it’s my bedtime. >.<

I have no clue how many levels this thing has – I may have been about to beat it, or I may have only just begun. No clue. I still think it’s a very soothing game. If Mr. T were playing it I could totally snooze to it. Better than listening to him play Borderlands 2, lol! The music is nice. And every time you hit a flower it plays a note. So fun! That’s why it was so jarring to hear “ZzzZZzzAP!” and lose a bunch of petals.

I’m really curious to see how the other two games in this set go. But for now…I must pass out. Goodnight, moon.

(P.S. I’m sorry if this is a bad play-by-play, but this game is weird and doesn’t really have a plot. I’m doing the best I can.)

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