flOw, Day 1

Yeah…this is the first game That Game Company made. I vaguely remember playing it online at some point (it was originally a PC game). I’m not sure if it’s the game, our controller, or my total suckage as a gamer, but I have found it extremely difficult to control the little creature in the game. It’s pretty fun, though, even if it gets a bit frustrating. Unfortunately it’s another one of those games that I have no idea how to explain…

Basically it’s “eat or be eaten” – you’re a little swimmy thing and you get bigger as you eat other swimmy things. Avoid getting eaten by swimmy things as well. And then just when you’re getting the hang of the swimmy thing under your control suddenly that level is over and you are in control of a new swimmy thing. You control the…swimmy things…by rotating the controller, similar to the way you controlled the wind/petals in Flower. But I dunno…it’s very finicky. Especially when I get panicky because something is trying to eat me.

Yet again, I probably gave up right before the game was over, but I got sleepy and went to bed. Every level was followed by another level and they were very similar to all the other ones… But like I said with Flower, it’s very pretty and the music is soothing. Just thinking about it is making me sleepy. Still don’t regret the purchase. And I’m really looking forward to Journey!flOw screenshot

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