First Nursery Craft

So, yeah…we’ve had a roommate in our nursery the past few months. >.< We’re so bad at not taking on roommates!! The good news is both of our roommates will be totally gone by the time LBW gets here – I’m pretty sure no one wants to live in a house with a newborn that isn’t their own (I’m sure there are plenty that don’t even want to live with their own!) so I think we’ll be good for at least a little while post-birth. ;) The only downside (well, other than not getting to walk around without pants on) to having a roommate in the nursery is that I couldn’t really do much to “nursery” it up. Which is fine. Our bank account appreciates it.

Of course, I still managed to come up with a project I could work on, and spend an ungodly amount of money on – frames are not cheap, people!! It all started with this pin:

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzThe blog post is actually instructions for making that bench, which is a lovely and nice bench. But I shan’t be making that bench. My (hopefully finalized) 30 before 30 list now includes #28: Make something…challenging… but still. Not this bench. What I thought was neat was the framed children’s book! Isn’t that neat?! SO NEAT. Even if you don’t think it’s neat, pretend you do to humor the pregnant lady. We’re a sensitive lot.

Our nursery is Giraffes & Rain Clouds, in case you didn’t know. So I wanted a book that involved giraffes. Honestly…I have no fond memories of a favorite children’s book that incorporated giraffes in any meaningful way. But I found this book on Amazon and bought two copies, sight-unseen. I for real never even read the flipping book until I got the package. lol! It’s The Chandeliers, by Vincent X. Kirsch. Don’t let me know if it ends up being some sort of Nazi propaganda piece or something. It’s a pretty cute book, and I do like the illustrations. Plus there are tons of giraffes in it, which was basically my only requirement.

It’s a book about a family of giraffes that perform, except for the youngest. So he’s all sad because he’s not involved. BUT THEN – something tragic happens to each family member (MURRRRRRDER (not really)) and the little guy steps in to save the day. So at the end of the performance he gets to take a bow, too! So sweet! Or at least sweet enough. Whatever. It’s giraffes. PICTURE TIME.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz1. You need two books. Unless the book you chose only has content on one side of the page for some crazy reason. Somehow this occurred to me before I started the project – one of the few times I’ve actually planned ahead successfully for a project. Go me!

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz2. I used an exact-o knife to cut each page out. I attempted to cut in straight lines. I often failed. I have no regrets. I did just notice that in the source they included the cover and title page for their book. I did not. My book was like 32 pages long. That is a lot of frick-fracking frames. I won’t tell you how much money I spent, other than to say too much. >.>

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz3. Of course the page won’t fit perfectly into the frames. I don’t know the original people did it. Witchcraft, most likely. I can never get frames to fit anything exactly, it seems. The pages were the right hight to fit in these frames, but too skinny.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz4. So…the first frames that I saw were the silver ones. But they didn’t have 32 silver frames. So I had to get some black frames, too. After I got home, opened a pack of silver frames, and put page #1 in (so, past the point of returning them) I went “WHY DIDN’T I JUST BUY ALL BLACK FRAMES?!” I was way too smug about remembering to buy two books. I switched things up after this picture. I put all the silver frames in the middle and outlined them with black. It worked out perfectly, thank goodness.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz5. Here’s what they’ll vaguely look like once it’s all finished!! I just set the paper on top of the frame (you can kind of see how I sorted the black/silver ones) to get a feel for how it would flow. Not too bad, imho. Of course, I did have to go back to Michael’s to buy some cardstock so I could put black borders on the sides. Boo, hiss for extra steps. >.> Note the measuring tape – I made sure they would fit width-wise on the wall in the nursery where I want to hang them. Redemption for the frame debacle?

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz6. Listen. Think for like 2 seconds before you start cutting paper. Seriously. Take 2 seconds. Because the frame is 11″ tall, right? And the cardstock is 12×12″ square. So you just gotta lop off the top inch. Then, if you want an inch of black on each side of every page, you can cut twelve 1″ strips (that are now 11″ tall). I didn’t screw anything up, thankfully, but I did strugglebus it at the beginning.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz7. Okay, so. I was using the black for two purposes. The first was to expand the width so it would fill the frame. The second was to hide how uneven my cuts were on those pages. So my (ingenious, if I do say so myself) idea was to use one of the pages that came in a frame to help with the layout. I put the two black strips down first (face down), then eyeballed it to put the page in the middle of them (again face down). It does get a bit confusing on which side of the page to use. This required all my concentration. Probably because I don’t have much concentration…

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz8. Ta-da! Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Now repeat Steps 6 & 7 until you’ve lost all sense of time and space and kind of hate giraffes – the Chandelier family in particular.

Oh, and as to what’s going under the frames (I know you were very curious), I’m going to make these to store books!

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzI’m not going to use that fabric, though. Her bedroom was cowboys or Wild West or something… I’m not going that route at all. At. All. :) But! Isn’t that neat?! (Remember the whole “I’m pregnant and agree with me” comments from the top of this post.) It’s so neat!! 8D

Anyway, I’ve been working on this post since November, apparently. I’m sick of seeing it in my “drafts” list. So I’m just gonna go ahead and post it. I’ll post an update once we get the pages hung. They’ve been stacked on some shelves in our living room since mid-December.

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