Feliz Navidad

For the first time in our entire marriage, Mr. T let me start putting Christmas decorations up early. Fun fact: Last year was the first year we actually tried to work together to decorate and it almost resulted in a divorce. (Only a slight exaggeration there.) So this year I put together all but the very top of the tree, because I couldn’t reach it. Then I let him take over. Seriously – blood was nearly shed over the proper way to fluff out the branches. It was nutso. Things got tense. We’re so weird. Anyway, we still don’t have any lights on it, so I’m not sure I’d consider it “Christmas decorations” yet…it’s really more of a giant pine tree in our living room. But Mr. T’s family is coming over to OUR house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I guess I have to get something done by then… >.<

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