Failing Kind of Hard, Per Usual

So I mentioned I had Big Plans to get back on track with keeping the house clean in the coming year. New baby and all that.

Well. I have not been able to mark very many things off my calendar. The very first FlyLady challenge was to clean your sink? Hasn’t happened. She has annoyed the piss out of me with relentless emails, though! Seriously – it’s probably close to 10 a day. And all but 1 or 2 are testimonials that try to sell you her products. REALLY annoying. I’ve decided I’m not going to do any of her daily email challenges until I get through the 31 baby steps, which I have yet to start on – remember the unshiny sink? I think it will be best to start on January 1. Well, that’s what I decided after I never did the first one, and so now according to my calendar I should be on Day 4… And I am even more convinced this is for SAHMs. It’s impossible to do all this. Impossible, I say! I’ve set myself up for failure, I have.

I was supposed to start this new life on Sunday, but a couple of friends came over and we all ate pizza and watched Aladdin, which is SO much more fun than cleaning. I was able to plan my weekly menu and buy groceries, though! Then Monday some more friends from out of town came over and bunch of us went out to eat Mexican food, then they hung out at our house until after 10:00. Mr. T went with them to watch Star Wars and I went to bed. Last night I did actually get something accomplished! The bathroom is like 99% clean!! My goal was to get the bathroom clean before I did my 2016 Home Tour, and I’m almost there! It will probably be much shorter this year, as we have roommates in the two upstairs bedrooms so I’m not going to go in them at all. It’s one thing to overshare about my own life – I won’t drag innocents into it. ;)

I’m looking over all this stuff that I was supposed to do the past few days, and I’m like…man. I really should’ve done that. >.< Maybe I can catch up tomorrow and Friday. They’re my last two days off until maternity leave!! Which is a terrifying thought, by the way. Three months! That’s all. Just three months. At what point do you feel ready for a child? Don’t answer that. I know the answer is “Never, really. But you’ll do fine.” And if your answer is anything other than that, I don’t want to hear it, anyway.

Oh, and I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure again this year. Because it’s not like I’m not failing at enough already. Let’s add one more thing to the list!!

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