Everything Is Terrible and Life Is Hard

everything sucksMy therapist said that depression’s goal is to grow. You feel depressed so you stay in bed, then you end up more depressed and stay in bed even more. I think it was supposed to motivate me to avoid the pitfalls, but all it’s done is made me feel more guilty for going to bed at 9:00 instead of doing the dishes or cleaning the living room or any of the million other things I should do. Work out. I’m glad I’m seeing a therapist, though. Finally. I’ve needed one for months – years – probably. I just wish it wasn’t happening now. I really thought things were getting better but I was definitely off on that one. Dude, I even decided to blow my $50 Amazon gift card and couldn’t keep focus.

Anywho, bedtime!

One thought on “Everything Is Terrible and Life Is Hard

  1. Depression is good at growing, too. I’ve been lower than a snake’s belly again in spite of being on an anti-depressant, and feel as if I am sleeping my life away when I should be enjoying the lovely weather we have been having. Or working in the house. Or doing anything else constructive for myself or for others. All the shoulds. It’s depressing. And so it goes. I hope that you have a good therapist. Sometimes it helps just to have someone nonjudgmental (at least outwardly) to complain to without feeling guilty for complaining. And the therapist is getting paid for listening to you–right?

    Obviously I have no answers. But I’m a good listener and never divulge what others share with me, in case you need the ear of an understanding, fairly anonymous stranger in Canada.

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