Quick question to all you other office drones out there…

What do you do for your back? I have a jacked-up lower back, apparently. Discovered it right at the beginning of the year and have been going to the chiropractor frequently. I’ve been down to every three weeks for awhile now, so that’s good. But now that we’ve stopped taking the stairs at work (I think the HR VP got to my co-walkers…no one will do it anymore) my back bothers me more than it ever has. It’s not pain, just discomfort.

my back


One of the guys in benefits has a big exercise ball that he sits on. He said it’s more for his upper back, though. I’ve thought about a standing desk, but we have shorter walls between cubicles to our left and right…so if I stand I can see into the other IT cubicles. That would just be weird. I could just make a lap around the office every hour, but I’m afraid people would start to notice me doing it and be like “dafuq?” I have another chiropractor appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to discuss it with him as well.

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  1. You definitely need to get up and stretch/exercise/loosen up every hour, despite how people will look at you. Lately, I’ve been making it a point to stretch and do squats and pushup and whatnot every hour that I’m sitting down, and my back has felt TREMENDOUSLY better. Also, for people that are in a sitting position all day, we tend to lose mobility in our hip flexors, knees, ankles, etc., which makes the load on your back even worse (Look up “third world squat”).

    TL;DR: move around. From everything I’ve read, the best thing you can do for your back is don’t sit in the same position for long periods of time.

    • Yeah, that’s what he said. I’m also going to be getting an exercise ball. The need to focus on not falling over helps with posture and your core. Supposedly. There is a guy here that uses one and he says it’s done nothing for his abs. lol! But thanks for the comment. It’s reminded me to get up and move around! 8}

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