Dream, Dream, Dream

So I had a dream last night:

Mr. T and I had had a child, but for some reason we didn’t start taking care of her right away – she stayed with my mom and sister. We were finally ready to go get her and were heading to my hometown with Mr. T’s Unkie Ickie. In a pickup truck, for some reason.

We end up passing through this small town that had a cosplay parade going down the middle of the street. Somehow Unkie Ickie manages to hit one of the chicks, but he doesn’t stop! So she’s chasing us down the street… (this situation is never resolved)

We finally get to my parents’ house and our daughter is like four years old. Her nap is almost over, so I go up to wake her up. She sees me, and instantly knows who I am, and she’s so happy to see me…it was a great feeling.

She’s not potty trained (was this bad parenting on their part? when should a child be potty trained? I feel like it’s before four…), so I have to change her diaper – which I’ve still never done. I didn’t realize they had a changing station, so I try to change it on the couch and she just pees….everywhere. Then my sister shows me the changing table and I’m looking around the house and just see all this stuff. Baby stuff – tons of it. And I remember that the only things we have for her are a crib and changing table, like she’s still a newborn.

Then I look down, and I guess I wasn’t able to conceive? or something…because I suddenly remembered we had had to get my Aunt Gina to donate an egg (even though she’s in her 50s now??) and our baby looked just like my little cousin. I got really upset about it, because I wanted our baby to look like us.

And then I woke up.

Note from the future: This post had my first ever comment on it! But it was from a total douche-nozzle, so I’m not going to reference it in any way, except to say this. So 8P

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