DIY Ornaments

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to DIY some ornaments this year to save money. Of course, I have to be very aware of the costs of DIY, because more often than not I end up spending WAY more than I anticipated… I don’t want to wake up at the end of my shopping trip and realize I spent more than if I’d just bought some cheap ornaments! Of course, DIY adds an extra touch of – whatever – to the whole thing, so it’s “better” than store-bought. But the name of the game this year is Frugal, not Sentimental!

Here are some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest…

DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz These will probably be the most expensive…but I absolutely love them. We’ll probably only make a handful of them, to keep cost down. Aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz I have a TON of buttons left over from when I made my niece her name in buttons. Of course, pink and yellow aren’t really the first thing I think of when I imagine Christmas ornaments, especially Christmas tree-shaped ones, but maybe we can just lump a bunch together and when they’re mixed in with everything else they’ll look alright. Since I’m buying thread for all the other DIY ornaments, this is a free option that we might as well attempt – even if it fails it’s no big deal.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz We have a bunch of branches from the work we’ve done in the backyard. So this is a potentially cheap/easy option as well. But sawing and drilling takes effort, and who knows what kind of shape that wood is in (I’ve avoided our backyard for MONTHS)… So maybe? It would be fun to paint little somethings on them. Maybe we could do all the dogs we’ve fostered, plus our own pets – and us, of course! Well,  Mr. T would have to do it, because I don’t trust my ability to make recognizable animals.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz I saw several tutorials of salt dough ornaments. It’s just salt, flour, and water. All we’d need to buy are some cookie cutters. I even saw one (that I didn’t save) that used stamps like what I bought when I made that family tree. I didn’t use either of those layouts, btw. The one I ended up using totally looks like a stick person. >.< Mr. T saw it before I glued them down, but didn’t tell me. Thankfully my brother and his wife had a baby, so when I add her on there this year that will change the design. Or make it look like dude has a weird growth…I dunno. What was I talking about?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz This is a twist on the salt dough – it’s applesauce and cinnamon! Supposedly it smells amazing, so I definitely want to try this one out, too! Yeah, we’re going to need to pick up some cookie cutters…
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz Sarah (another Sarah, I don’t talk to myself) (well sometimes I talk to myself, but in this specific instance it was, in fact, another Sarah). Anyway – Sarah mentioned making origami ornaments because pretty paper is pretty darn cheap. So I need to go on another Pinterest quest to find some cute (and simple) origami ideas. But I did find a couple paper options. These should be pretty simple, and would allow us to reuse the hole punch from the first pin I posted, depending on what sort of punch we decide to use. For the record, those things are friggin expensive!
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz Another cute paper ornament/chain option. But this would involve me physically cutting out dozens of tiny trees… Even if I stack several sheets of paper, I just don’t see that happening.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz ISN’T THIS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER? I’m thinking maybe doing this (and some of that glitter fabric) over our front windows. We might actually get some white this year…but history says otherwise. Southern winters tend to be cold and brown. *womp womp* Wait – why are there shoes floating in the middle of this?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz The tree Mama N gave us came with colored lights, which makes Mr. T very happy. I’m more of a white lights kind of girl. I want to bring the color in with ornaments, not lights. But this year – The Year of the Frugal – the lights will be colored. And possibly covered with ping-pong balls! Isn’t this a cool idea?? As long as it doesn’t burn our house down, anyway. 8}

So the shopping list would be:

  • string to hang ornaments
  • plastic wine glasses
  • tiny Christmas figurines
  • glitter
  • some sort of circle holepunch
  • paper/cardstock
  • cookie cutters
  • cinnamon
  • applesauce
  • white pom-pom balls
  • thread
  • glittery sheer fabric
  • ping-pong balls
  • popcorn (oh, I want to string popcorn, too!)

I think everything else we’d need we already have. I need to check in with Mr. T on our hot glue supply.

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