I’m going to go ahead and tell you guys right now – being totally honest and straight with you – do NOT start reading the Divergent series. Just don’t. Don’t go see the movie, either. From this moment forward I’m going to pretend that Veronica Roth doesn’t exist and my weekend wasn’t ruined with the debacle that is her most recent book.

If you want a summation of my feelings toward this book, feel free to read this review I found on Goodreads. I didn’t write it, but it says everything my heart was screaming as I finished the book. Also, massive spoilers. Trust me, if you’ve read the first two books you will NOT see the ending coming. It’s total bullshit and I’m pissed.

I still gave the stupid thing 3 stars because I feel like maybe I’m not being fair, because I don’t enjoy books like this. But you usually see it coming so I know to avoid it. THIS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR.

In other news, I’m playing the crap out of Flower, trying to numb my pain. So I should have another post regarding that soon enough. Little Hippo played it last night and apparently there’s only 1 or 2 more levels passed where I finished. Woo!

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