Sorry I’ve disappeared guys. I have a billion emails from Apartment Therapy, Little Green Dot, FlyLady… I may never catch up. Two things happened in the past couple weeks: #1 – My personal laptop crapped out. Either the cord is busted or the laptop is busted…either way it won’t charge. #2 – I’ve hit the third trimester wall. I’m not quite as exhausted as I was in my first trimester…but I’ve lost all motivation. The kitchen is a disaster – the sink is NOT shiny, you guys. Not even a little bit. The one consolation for you, though, is that you haven’t actually¬† missed anything about my life since I last posted. So don’t panic! :)

I’m going to try to catch up this weekend, but it might be difficult. I have a birthday party for my cousin’s kid on Saturday. I haven’t seen her since my brief visit while they were at the hospital, and now she’s a year old!! Then I’m meeting with my sister to go shopping for baby shower supplies and some accessories for the maternity shoot. Oh, yeah – the maternity shoot. That might happen on Sunday. After our tour of Labor & Delivery. And we have a doctor’s appointment and tour of a day care on Friday. Which is tomorrow. You know…I’m tired already, just thinking about this weekend. >.<

Want a sneak peek at our maternity shoot outfits?? I still have to buy some boots/tights – and a belt for the shorter dress. Mr. T will be wearing shoes for the actual event. I just wanted to make sure his clothes actually fit. And I need to track down our iron…if we even still have one…and I can remember how to use it.

Disappearance | The Wilson Buzz Disappearance | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not sure I’ll even bother with a wardrobe change, though. I may save the orange dress for a baby shower? I really like the patterned dress, but it needs a belt or it gets a bit muumuu-esk. I tied a white thing around me just for shape in the second picture. I’m thinking I’ll go for a thin red belt and some mustard yellow tights. I really hope I can find some reasonably priced ankle boots, too. No clue what – if anything – I’m going to do about hair/makeup. On the one hand I feel like…since I never wear makeup, I shouldn’t do it for the photo shoot. But on the other hand, these are legit photos, not just selfies for Facebook, so I should probably try at least a smidge harder than I do for daily life.

Disappearance | The Wilson BuzzDoesn’t Mr. T look dapper?

And then, we bought these adorable shoes!! Aren’t they ADORABLE?! I figure no matter what the sex, LBW will rock these bad boys. :)

Disappearance | The Wilson BuzzOkay, back to work! I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m still alive, just…tired. Tired all the time. Stupid third trimester slump. It’s killing me!! :)

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